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@eclipsezeromh Unfortunately not. You can leave the Gold Track unlocked if it is not in your interest at the moment to unlock later (which you did) but on a Previous Mission Pass you will be unable to advance it.

Hopefully within the next few days (or weeks) Sega will hand out some Star Gems as rewards. Otherwise if you are interested in making it back up, the Battle Arena, Buster Quests, and Casino can provide you with some Star Gems. The Battle Arena will definitely reward you some for reaching specific ranks but all of those have limited exchanges that will get you a total of 240 Star Gems (100 from Battle Arena, 100 from Buster Quests, and 40 from the Casino).

@VanillaLucia Darn. Didn't know that about the BA and such, thanks, will look into it! Pretty sure I might already have BQ rewards as I do those whenever I'm online and see em pop up.

@eclipsezeromh These exchanges are done on the "Limited Exchange" so for the Buster Medals and Battle Coins you would have to visit their counters on the second floor of the shopping area.

I recall it being the following:

  • 3,000 Battle Coins = 50 + 50 Star Gems
  • 600 Buster Medals = 50 + 50 Star Gems
  • 11,000-12,000 Casino Coins = 10 + 30 Star Gems (or something along those lines)

These all reset on a weekly basis starting on the weekly reset (which is during maintenance for next week).

@eclipsezeromh It is good to have a pure attack Mag (Mel/Rng/Tec) and a pure Dex Mag. The attack Mag works with skills from the Hero, Etoile and Luster scion classes, plus the base classes (Mel - Hunter, Fighter or Katana Braver;Rng - Ranger, Gunner or Bow Braver; Tec - Force, Techter or Bouncer). Summoner can benefit from any attack type with class skills but defaults to Tec. Braver and Phantom have skills that adds a Dex Mag's stats to attack, Braver Mel/Rng and Phantom adds to all three.

The best AC items are probably the inventory and storage expansions. 10 inventory up to 10 times and 50 storage to a max character storage of 1000.

@Fiona-Respha Thank you for the info. Do you happen to know it the timer from 1: Timeflow Will resets upon fainting?

@Arthoras said in Ask a veteran ARKS!:

@Fiona-Respha Thank you for the info. Do you happen to know it the timer from 1: Timeflow Will resets upon fainting?

Honestly, I have no idea about this. It would be nice if it's possible to have some test on it, but the augment adding item is sold out on ship 1 😢

And another one: Does S1: Two-edged Strike only woke on Katana or any weapon?

The NA and JP wiki description: Increases attack power by 4% but take 8% more damage while your weapon is drawn.

ingame: Increases damage dealt by by 4%, increases damage taken by 8% when performing katan draw..

@Arthoras It is for any weapon.

Seeing as the in-game localization/translation is often less than accurate, it is typically better to go with the information from the wikis for skills and augments. Another similar error that comes to mind is the in-game description for the Trailblazer S-Grade SAFs, that incorrectly imply that they are similar in effect to Timeflow Will (ie. potency increase over time), when they actually are based on how much of a specific PWR stat you have augmented on the weapon.

Got a question of my own regarding the mission pass, specifically the "buy tier" option. Does that mean we can go back and re-acquire a tier that has something that wasn't offered in the "overtime" tiers, or is it just a means to complete the tiers if we can't earn enough tier points to finish it before it expires?

@zaffy2005 You can pay to skip tiers in the current Mission Pass but you cannot do this for the previous Mission Pass. You can claim unclaimed rewards from the previous Mission Pass or unlock the Gold Track if you have not already, but you cannot interact with the previous Mission Pass beyond that.

@VanillaLucia so even for the current Mission Pass, let's say I wanted another Zodiac Sign weapon camo (Tier 4 reward on the "free" line) I can't spend the 25SG to buy that tier a second time, right? I mean I get why it wouldn't work for consumable items, especially the more rare stuff like the Erobite (although that would be nice) but there's no way to go back and buy extras of the cosmetic items? It's solely there for completion? Like say it's tomorrow night, I'm only at tier 31, and there's not enough Tier Missions for me to unlock the last 4 tiers, I could spend 100SG to unlock those tiers instead, basically?

@zaffy2005 There is no way to get those rewards a second time without Overrun mode and even then you unfortunately have to make a decision on what you get. So paying for a tier would give you the ability to get the rest of the Mission Pass completed up to the point you pay for.

Do we have a detailed summary for each individual episode anywhere, including substory summaries? Unless I royally overlooked something, checking the story section did not work out.

@eclipsezeromh I do not recall there really being a summary anywhere that at least describes substories as well, unfortunately. Perhaps we can create on in the Story/Lore section of the forums for future reference but to my knowledge there is not one in-game.

@VanillaLucia welp, for now I will just roleplay that I am a suddenly amnesiac arks who is with a twin dagger wielding dudette who is about to fight some dragon who apparently saved her from an experiment. Remembering past details beyond that? Psh, I am sure nothing important happened like a sudden Dark Falz reawakening thingamabob. Or something...about...old weapons...?

Psh. No biggie.

Ah well, worst comes to worst, ima just binge the cutscenes again. Danke for the quick reply, your consistency is admirable yo.