Ask a veteran ARKS!

@Knight-Raime If it is going to be your main class, then you could use your Kronos stones to make an Atlas Rifle and Katana, and prep a Lumiere Rifle and Katana to then upgrade them into Atlas EXs, otherwise you can likely just hold on until we get a definite release date for Episode 6 since we will likely have a bit of time to create the end-of-episode weapons, plus we should be getting more options for 14☆s and 15☆s once Episode 6 does release.

@AndrlCh nah this is for one of my two non mains. She's currently a braver and I've been using a gix katana.

@Knight-Raime In that case, you could likely just make do with whatever 13☆s for now (Nemesis, Raven, Gix, Invade, Dia, etc.), and then get the 14☆ Dim series once they are released in Episode 6 until you can get some extra 15☆ weapons later on.