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i know this may seem like a silly ask but how to look at my bingo card to see what quest I'm missing i know the only thing I have left is c4 but no idea what that is.

@OafishTooth3027 On the main menu, go to the tab that has Current Events. That's where you'll find the bingo card. Most of what's on there seems to be taking down enemies that appear during the Urgent Quest, but there's also feeding your mag, talking to Leontina in the Gate Area, placing a Party Beacon, and playing a round of BlackNyack, as well as a few Client Orders from Xia.

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Looking over the "Scare-wear" list and not recognizing quite a few of them. I know the Froid Gallows has been around a while, and a few like the Prowler and Restrained Requiem sets are part of the new AC scratch, but the Tylor, Schreger, L'eau D'Fungus/D'Clope, Merlett Carina, Lorrette Beldia, and Count's Vestments I don't recall ever seeing, and none of them show up as search options in the Personal Shops. Did I miss these somewhere or have they not been released in the NA version yet?

The Tylor outfit was part of a pre-PC SG sale, and the Lorrette Beldia and Count's Vestments were some of the earlier Fresh Finds recommended items. The rest will likely be released in one of the next Scratches.

@AndrlCh Ok, so that's why those names were kinda ringing a bell, and all being SG items would explain why I couldn't find them in the shops. Really wish thery'd stop with this untradeable nonsense, at least with cosmetic items. Although really, it's not like any of the RMT items are game-breaking so if someone wanted to spend a boatload of AC or SG on that stuff just to turn around and sell it for Meseta or trade it for some other items, what would be the big deal?

But, overall still a much better "economy" in PSO2 than in Destiny.

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The Tom Jones song. That currently plays during the EQ for halloween. I know is called "Happiness" or "This is my happiness" Is it not for sale or purchase tho on the NA Version? I remember being able to get it for my room on the JPN Servers.

Bumping cause i'd still like to know. If anyone can provide an answer.

@NYsFinestGFX Looking through the recent Scratch listings and ARKS-Visiphone's Music Disc list, it does not appear to be available yet.

Hi I was wondering if there is a guide somewhere to playing force with controller. Seems I don't have enough buttons even with the sub palette. Thanks.

@Deband As food-for-thought, you may find this thread interesting:

It isn't specific to Force, and some of the replies reference Elite Controllers with more buttons, but you'll also hear what people did before they got paddles and maybe you have a chatpad too.

@Deband I found having the "Chatpad" on my Xbox controller helped. I put the "set-up" stuff on a separate sub-pallete such as the Talis Fast Throw, or Wand Lover when I was running Techer as my main class; any skill that you only have to activate once and have no real need to have access to afterwards. Then on the main sub-pallet I'd have Moon Atomizer, Anti, Resta, Shifta, Deband, Photon Flare, Photon Burst, and the other three were left open for Compound Techs, Megiverse, Zondeel, or whatever else I felt the need to put in there. All offensive Techs I had on the main and back-pallet. RB for normal attacks, then usually a "ranged" Tech (Like Ilgrants) on Y and a "close-quarters" Tech (like Gigrants or Nagrants) on X, with the left trigger set to "hold" for back-pallet use. This way I could load the weapon "pallet" with specific elements and just change which weapon I was using based on the most common weakness in whatever activity I was doing. That gave me all the "general purpose" stuff on the subpalletes, and up to 5 Techs per element on the main and back weapon pallets.

My only trouble with this set-up was not having the muscle-memory down for using the number keys on the chatpad for the subpallet, so I'd have to glance down for a second to make sure I'm hitting the right key. But once you get use to it it's fairly intuitive. Certainly a lot better than when I was trying to balance a full size USB keyboard on my lap while using the controller, and having to move an entire hand back and forth between the two.

Phantom was the original successor class that I had interest in. I want to know how bad I'd be screwing myself if I only want katana/rifle. I've heard it's best played as a tech but I use controller so casting isn't very intuitive for me even if I did have interest in being a caster.

@Knight-Raime While Rod is the most optimal overall, Katana is almost just as good for bossing; Rifle, however, suffers due to the very high ranged damage resistances in Ultra Hard content, but it tends to be the easiest to use to generate Marks and raise the the Focus Gauge.


Is rifle at least decent at mobbing? I don't want to do something if it's going to hurt mpa content.

i stick on dark blast [ luther form ] to learn his " Diffusion Ray " skill... i learned " Sidestep Counter " allready and one of the skill Conditions for Diffusion Ray are : 0/10 hit any enemy with Sidestep Counter's attack while dodging... i got the other 2 condetions full and i dont know i i get this last condition...

so .. sidestep counter is just dash to right time when u get attacked ? just like braver with katana? i tried and tried but it dont work ... 0/10 and i dont know how i see it worked because i find no where informations and dont know which is the best location to do it fast... i tried it many times to wait when i get attacked and then u used dash every time i tried for the right moment but..nope nothing works.. i am a dash idiot? >__<

@Shayuna-Primrose-Azelhart Sidestep Counter requires you to hit an enemy with one of the bullets you shoot when you successfully proc the counter with a dodge. The easiest way to see that you have proced the dodge is if you have put points into the Skill that recovers HP when you dodge, and from there it is just a matter of making sure your counter attack actually hits.

From personal experience, I find the Floating Facility bosses to be the easiest to do this with since you can easy get your dodge when there is goo or fire on the field.

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Is rifle at least decent at mobbing? I don't want to do something if it's going to hurt mpa content.

Don't know how I missed this, sorry.

In concept, yes, it is good for mobbing as it has a lot of multi-hit attacks and good range, with the normal attack even having a penetrating effect, but again, the high ranged resistance of Ultra Hard reduces its power and effectiveness compared to the other two weapons, but then again, all other ranged classes also suffer that issue on Ultra Hard, so it's not like Phantom Rifle is garbage, especially with how quickly it helps create Marks and raise Phantom Focus, which you can switch over to Katana to detonate and use for burst damage.


You're good. If I may ask one other question. Do you have any recommendations for katana and rifle that I can get at the moment? I don't imagine we will get phantom super soon. But I want to be prepared as I can be.