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Ok, time for a very relevant question, are there still 4 character slots like in the old PSO or did SEGA foolishly reduce it

Pretty much yeah.

Are Affixes really worth it? I have several friends who are vets who tell me its not worth it unless you wanna squeeze every drop of stat juice you can from gear. And that Min/Maxxers are really the only ones who bother with it.

@NovaStarOne At the current level, I would say that affixing is low priority. However, once we get closer to parity with the JPN server, affixing simple 5 or 6 slots with decent stats is a good idea just because we will have tons more good SAFs available and weapons that need S-Grade Augments affixed to them. Plus, if you are a Phantom main or sub, you want to get your PP to at least 200, which can really only be accomplished by affixing.

@AndrlCh so for now, dont worry about it, chill out, enjoy the game. Later on worry about it. Got it, thank you

is there a way to get a different type of photon blast for your mag after it's level is maxed out or do you have to start raising a new one?

@TURION-MOONSTAR Yeah, ex-cube shop.

I got the mag excite ring. Now I am not sure, which stat to raise on it...

Do the stats count for the mag or for the character? I am ranger and would of course raise the range atk....

But my mag has the megid auto action, so I asked myself if it would be better to raise tech because of that?

I wanted to put the ring on one of the circuray units later... Is that a good decision as a ranger?

Or in general, could someone name the 4 best L-rings for rangers?

Thank you very much!

@Scerms77 The stats on the ring will apply to your character, not the mag. Megid on the mag will still do damage regardless of your tech atk.

I don't main Ranger anymore, but the rings you want right now are the Launcher Non-Weak Bonus, Precision Blight Rounds, and some quality of life stuff like Jumping Dodge and Atomizer Fanatic. The QoL stuff is up to you so if you want to use Mag Excite it's not bad. Mag Excite is more for classes that don't have that many essential L Rings, though.

Thank you very much.

Can't remember if I've already asked this before (can't find it using the search function), I apologize if I have. I know it's possible to essentially turn a weapon into a one-time "camo" through a rather long and drawn out process, but is there any such option for Units? There are a few that I like the look of and could complete certain "ensembles" I've thought about putting together, but as most of them are lower on the star count wearing them would mean a massive drop in stats. Is there a way to "transmute" the look of a Unit? Also is there any way to adjust the position of units? Because some of them look like they're supposed to actually be worn by/fitted to the character model but they're just kinda floating off in the ether instead.

@zaffy2005 It has been a repeated request over the years on the JPN side, but sadly, there is no Unit Transmutation system. The closest thing has been some units being turned into accessories (I think it has only been like 10 total, 3 sets and one standalone).

There is no way to adjust the positioning of units.

Well, that's a bummer on both counts.

Oh, before I forget again is there a way to check which missions we've successfully completed on "hardcore" to get the respective rewards? I'm pretty sure I've done most of them (still stuck in the Anga Phandaj which I hope is the final boss/encounter of Episode 3) but also pretty sure I went casual on a couple of them because I wasn't leveled properly to handle Hardcore.

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Oh, before I forget again is there a way to check which missions we've successfully completed on "hardcore" to get the respective rewards?

Yep! - When you finish a hardcore mission and get the reward, you get an associated title. Check the title rewards lady in the gate area and see which story titles are still ????'d out, it should tell you which story mission it is associated with when you highlight it

@RyuujinZER0 Ok, so there are a few that I haven't done, and a few story missions I recall having "hardcore" options that aren't referenced at all in the title list. Like the last and second-to-last missions in Episode 3 (Apprentice and the Anga Phandaj fights). If there's no title does that mean there's no reward at all for completing such missions on hardcore? Or will they still give SG or some other item, just no title?

Also, if I ran a Force-Bouncer build with a DEX mag, would that boost the attack power of normal attacks and/or Rod Shot to bolster the Force's lackluster Melee damage? Just maxed Force and swapped to Techter, was told it was a good melee/tech class but honestly...I'm hating it already and I've really only used it once. Granted I didn't reverse the classes from FoTe to TeFo and instead tacked an unleveled Summoner subclass to Techter so that's a massive drop in stats, but still. Force has this skill which throttles PP recovery when standing still and one that keeps recovering PP while charging a Tech, and I didn't realize how quickly a Tech-based class will run out of PP without those two skills. 3 or 4 quick "bursts" and then I'm stuck swinging the wand, which feels so useless compared to the Rod, which seems like it had much longer reach even without the Rod Shot (which certainly extends that range significantly).

S I just not know how to Techter properly? Is it sort of the mirror opposite of Force (instead of a Tech class that occasionally has to rely on melee it's actually a melee class that just happens to have occasional access to Techs)? And what's the best subclass for a Techter? I've been told under absolutely NO circumstance should I ever use Force as a subclass for anything but I gotta tell ya I'm really, REALLY missing those two skills that have kept me out of PP bankruptcy quite reliably this whole time.