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@WillfulChart930 damage done depends on more than just class, it also depends on weapon, level, and stats

So the Casino is now selling enemy "Trigger" items. anyone got a "For Dummies" primer on what I should be doing with these?

For example, are they just to make what's-his-face's "Rare enemy sighting" COs easier to do? Are there certain ones that drop particularly good items I should be farming? Am I gonna get my butt kicked if I try to do these solo or will it scale appropriately by the difficulty of the quest I'm running at the time? If it does scale, will I be shooting myself in the foot loot-wise by doing them on Hard/Very Hard to speed up the process?

@zaffy2005 While I wouldn't call myself an expert on them, from my own personal experiences with them:

  1. They are definitely to make rare enemy sightings easier, but they do come with something exclusive: Pink ARKS badges which can be traded in for things.

  2. I also felt like I got a lot more rare drops when I used one, but I'm not sure if that's normal or just lucky.

  3. They do scale to whichever difficulty you do.

A question of my own-- is there a better place to be doing Lottie's "Going Berserk Together II" quest? It requires defeating a level 60+ Corrupted Fodran with her and suggests "Explore the Volcanic Caves", but we've done the Exploration countless times now with no luck, even sticking around about an hour at a time.

If we're just unlucky, fine, but I just want to make sure we're not doing something wrong.

Why have some of the npcs on my ally list bars turned red ?

@Blackichan08 They are starting to like you, assuming you are talking about this?

alt text

If so, it means that their affinity with you has increased. You can get various rewards when you talk to them in the lobby after clearing certain affinity thresholds. (A present box icon above their heads indicates that you met a threshold.)

You can raise their affinity by completing their Client Orders and or bringing them along for quests. Additionally, if you take them along for 10 & 100 quests you'll earn titles too.

Do note, not all of them will have rewards. In particular 'limited/temporary' NPC's won't.

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@ErinXh Thanks but no I was talking about eh bar itself but someone informed me it means you have received all the 1 time rewards as gift's and now you will just get the generic ones but thanks for the response.

Either my Bing-fu is weak or this is hidden really, really well, but does anyone happen to have a list of all the story "chapters?" Trying to get a read on how many I have left before I've finished Episode 3 so I know how much I need to focus on this to get it done in time for Episode 4. And I'd like to know what to expect when it, and Episodes 5 and 6, drop as well.

@zaffy2005 You can change it with the drop down to show all

@Blackichan08 That only shows all the ones I have done so far. It gives no indication of how many there are left for me to do.

@Princesse-Jen Bit late, i check this thread rarely. Infected (berserked) mobs are best found in AQs because the risk option for AQs increases chance of infection. If you are looking for enemies in specific Expeditions they can always also be found in their respective AQ.

@Macmaxi Good to know, thank you! This ended up working out for the Fodran, but when we had to fight the Desert Boss, we ended up getting a completely different boss at the end so that was weird, but I guess we'll keep trying.

@Princesse-Jen said in Ask a veteran ARKS!:

@Macmaxi Good to know, thank you! This ended up working out for the Fodran, but when we had to fight the Desert Boss, we ended up getting a completely different boss at the end so that was weird, but I guess we'll keep trying.

Hah, yeah AQ usually have two bosses that you can get and i think in terms of desert you can get mizer and gwana.

As a helpful tip if you want to know what spawns in quest and what drops from it, check the "Quest Log" accessed from the menu after selecting the specific quest and choose "Enemy Log" or whatever it is called you get a list of spawning enemies including bosses at bottom. Keep in mind this includes bosses spawned during e-codes and other oddities. The Item drop log should be self-explanatory.

As a last tip, these logs are build from the total appearance / drop for the last 7 days of the entire shop, so if a quest is new or unpopular you wont see much. (or nothing at all if it's the first day)

This works for UQs too, neat tool to check if the current running UQ has anything worthwhile for you.

to get lottie's partner card u need finished 20 order from her.. but 20 different order or u can do 2-3 the same order and repeat it? <.< i'm sure i do ober 20 order and her partner card quest dont appears <.<

Ok, time for a very relevant question, are there still 4 character slots like in the old PSO or did SEGA foolishly reduce it

@Shayuna I'm fairly sure it would require different orders but I'm not 100% certain.

@TURION-MOONSTAR You can create up to 3 characters for free, then you have to purchase "passes" if you want to create more. I believe the limit total is 12, 3 free, 9 paid. But a bit of "let the buyer beware" here, you are essentially buying a "character" for #4-12, not a "slot." If you delete one of those characters for any reason you forfeit that pass and have to buy another.