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@BLaCKnBLu3B3RRY about that, there are two scenarios, although both will have same result as well. If like say, the buyer is trying to buy a grinder and search it via display time option, your grinder that you put in your shop will be displayed first (unless if there's another player who puts same item right after you put yours), and second scenario as well, if the buyer do "search by price" option, your grinder than you put on shop, once again will be on first display (also with same condition as well as above, unless another player put same item after you)

Sorry once again, I'm not really that good in English, so I might get the question in a wrong direction.

Does this Game ever get...better? its mind numbingly tedious, a little boring..and Im stuck in the early 60's level range finding motivation to grind with such a slow down more a chore then fun. does it every feel fun again?

@NovaStarOne It's definitely a loot grinder so don't expect that tediousness to go away. But there's more content on the way and even grinding can be fun if you have people to play with.

@NovaStarOne Sounds like me on early days of my pso2jp experience long time ago. Usually it takes dedication to get to levelling. I mean, back then it took me 6 whole months to get my HuFi to 75/75. The current levelling system shouldn't be really that harsh imo. Also I didn't really want to start anything so, firstly, how long you've been playing now? (on NA I mean)

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@NovaStarOne It's definitely a loot grinder so don't expect that tediousness to go away. But there's more content on the way and even grinding can be fun if you have people to play with.

I clap to you, my good sir, because you're entirely correct. EP5 and EP6 is where all the fun starts. EP4 is just a training regime to prepare.

@lynia262-Hyun-Na Phew, good thing too because I wasn't sure.

Has NA PSO2 have any AC bundle sales like the ones on JP

like 5 inventory expansion for 1600 AC (instead of 350 individually) and premium set bundles

@HarmlessSyan Sometimes they do. Just recently they held this one.

Which is, IMPO, a piece of ARKS trash 😁

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@HarmlessSyan Sometimes they do. Just recently they held this one.

Which is, IMPO, a piece of ARKS trash 😁

Oof yeah, 1750 for that bundle of garbo? Would be better to replace the Scape Dolls with more inventory or storage.

Yea, unfortunately storage is one of the most expensive things in the game, with two rather sucky options of either a constant paid subscription for the "Premium Storage" and/or "Extended Storage" slots, or a very high cost-to-quantity ratio for permanent storage boosts. Did the math when I first started looking into storage boosts and to get the three free characters to maximum permanent storage (not using any subscriptions) and NOT counting tax (8% here in NY which is brutal) it would cost $441, assuming you can buy that exact amount in AC. Alongside needing to use an item TWICE to register it to a full account yet far too many items you can only obtain ONE of, this is my biggest complaint about PSO2.

You really don't need that much storage. Game didn't used to have character storage and that was pretty bad, but now you get 300 free storage on at least 3 characters on top of the material storage which gets rid of a bunch of stuff for you on top of any additional storage you can get with SG's.

People forget you can store things in there and then forget about it, on top of SG's being available in abundance for people who play the game.

@Macmaxi I'm aware I don't need all the extra storage, but it would at least be useful. Scape Dolls are just a complete waste of money. Almost as much as Cosmos Atomizers lol.

So possibly a silly question and a bit late since the "Event" is winding down but, exactly how important are affixes? Like, do they really have that significant of an impact on overall DPS, survivability, etc.?

For instance, the "complete with an S Rank on Super Hard with (class tutor) as your only partner" quests, some of them have been a breeze (forest, volcano), some I've really struggled with (quartz dragon, dragon x), and others seem virtually impossible (I dread even trying Bar Lodos). Is it because I've more or less ignored augments and just use whatever's on them when they drop (or buy them from the shops), or does it have more to do with my subclass not being high enough (was 75/55 Ra-Hu last time I attempted one of these quests)?

And if they are something I need to pay more attention to, how should I go about it? My instinct says focus weapon augments on what benefits that weapon, e.g. basics like Precision I-IV for ranged weapons, Might I-IV for melee, Casting I-IV for Tech, and then "Souls" that have the same focus. Units I assume should be a bit more "all purpose" since you can't swap those on the fly like weapons, for something like the Braver class Unit augments should focus on Souls that boost Melee AND ranged (or just Dex), etc., or for the most part should Units be stacked with defensive augments (particularly since pretty much EVERY guide I've seen says to completely ignore stat-ups in the skill trees)?

And for the moment, "Mark" augments can't be transferred, can they? Nor, it seems, is it possible to keep them while affixing new augments to that gear since Affixing effectively "wipes" and "overwrites" all existing augments to the point of it actually being possible to lose augment slots (which is extremely infuriating after putting in several million Meseta building a particular unit up to 5 slots just to have 4 of them fail and reduce it back down to a single slot).

@zaffy2005 Affixes are pretty dang important at super late game stuff (stuff that isn't out yet in NA) but for now you should be able to clear most content without super affixing. I just did cheap affixes for high PP on my units bc having 200+ PP is a godsend. I'd just say don't worry too much for the current moment, but do learn the concept and process for later when you do want to super affix.

That's a hard topic to answer in just a few sentences, generally you are looking at a couple % of damage increase per 200 ATK stat, which compared to what you usually have available in the skill tree isn't all that much. Since Affixing doesn't compete with anything, it's "free" damage you miss out on if you don't affix (or HP / PP for that matter).

In the grand scheme of things, you probably wont notice a huge difference from your affixes as of now, because what we have available is rather limited as opposed to what PSO2JP has.

I'd consider Affixing more of a hobby than a necessity. If you are done with building your character and getting the gear, you'd wanna show off that gear with good affixes and you get some increased performance out of it. By all means it is not as important as people make it out to be, there are a few cases where PP can matter for specific classes to play better or where HP doesn't make you eat shit constantly (FI cough) but for the average player this doesn't matter. 8 years SEGA tried to get people to affix and a lot of people on JP still don't even remotely care about it.

It will get interesting once the S-Affixes hit for weapons and units, but these are easy to apply anyways so i wouldn't count them in.