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@AndrlCh Thank you very much for the fast response. Going to sort out to sell then!

@Voliver There's plenty of 7* out there so don't worry if you've already sold them. I hear anything (even under 10*) with 4 or more augments/affixes sells really well on the player market. If someone more experienced than I wants to chime in on this, they could give you more detail on which affixes are sought after.

@Voliver As AndrlCh explained 7-Star and up are better fodder for Weapon Enhancement (Units aren't used for Enhancing other units so they're less useful). Anything 6-Star or lower will only contribute 5 points towards Enhancement (plus bonuses for matching weapon type and any Enhancement levels it already has). 7-Star and up have a base value of 40 points, making them 8 times more useful as Enhancement fodder.

If your weapons have a fairly high number of Augments (The maximum is 8, so I'd call anything 4 and up to be "high") even if those augments aren't particularly good they may be worth holding onto solely for "Slot upgrades," as you need fodder with a higher number of augments than your upgrade target to gradually unlock new slots (believe you can only unlock one tier at a time, so if your choice weapon has 3 augments already you need to use 4-slot, then 5-slot, then 6 and so on until you unlock all 8 slots for affixing augments). Works the same with Units; they aren't useful as Enhancement fodder for better units but they are used for unlocking Augment slots. This is, in a way, a large part of the "end-game grind." Finding your choice of weapons and units, and upgrading them and affixing complimentary augments to them. The Augments themselves (in most cases) can also be upgraded tier by tier as well, so if you've got a ton of low-tier augments, lots of Meseta to burn, and don't feel like waiting for a better one to drop, you can "condense" your current collection by combining ones with the same augment type (e.g. "Deftness I or Might II) to get stronger versions of those augments to use on your preferred gear.

Selling in the Personal Shops, unfortunately, is a Premium-only feature and the cheapest option there is about $13 (plus tax) a month. You can (if you're very lucky) get 3-Day Passes from FUN scratch tickets and once you've put things in your shop they'll stay there even after your pass expires (you can collect your sales but can't edit your inventory). And I believe shops are limited to 30 items at a time (which means if you've got a lot of stuff you want to clear out before your pass expires it's best to check the current lowest prices and undercut them as much as you feel you can to move your inventory quickly (and lower level players will love you for this because the often insanely high prices are the biggest turn off to new/low-level players).

@zaffy2005 Thanks for the breakdown. You answered some questions I didn't know I had lol

@zaffy2005 Thank you for the detailed explanation, solved all the doubts I had entirely! ^.^

@Voliver Happy to help. Been in your shoes (still am in a lot of ways). This game is crazy deep with a lot of nuanced systems, and not a lot of in-game explanation.

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Aside from using them as grinding and affixing fodder, in most cases you can just sell off anything under 10*. That warning is just vestigial from the fact that they are still considered "rare" items.

But...but excubes

@Noctosis Yeah, I said anything under 10*.

@AndrlCh yeah sorry realized once I sent it....dang lack of deletes!

how many character slot's u can buy on one account? i want more as my three characters but what is the limit ?

@Shayuna 12 across all ships.

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how many character slot's u can buy on one account? i want more as my three characters but what is the limit ?

To add some clarity, you can have a total of 12 characters across all ships as @AndrlCh said. However, you will only ever have 3 character slots.

When you purchase a 4th character, you're purchasing the character, not the slot. So if you delete that 4th character and want to make another, you'll have to buy a new 4th character.

what the fack is this pay to win system ? so i should pay again and again when i delete one character ? what the fucking hell sega.... so i can in ship 12 characters ? some ppl i reading they have 15 characters i ask me how.... so i can ONLY buy a character but NOT a character slot is this right? AND i can get 12 character on one ship ? or i can buy 12 character to my 3 exist and have a total of 15?

need some tips on playing force. I tired it out doing some AQ farming but it feels like hot garbage against any fast moving multi bosses fights or falz angel, spend more time dodging than attacking and damage feels very subpar. Where as my main class bouncer dispatches things with ease.