Ask a veteran ARKS!

sometimes i see colored status message ( when u changeur online status to " Change Messaging " ) some words are in 2 colors other in rainbos.. how u can do that? i dont find nothing by google search 😕

@Shayuna You can change text color with chat commands (scroll down to "Changing Text Color"):

How do Veiztail, Shaft Revolsio, Gix Jewd, Mars Estur, Aura Estur, Ray Rod, and I guess any other 13 Star rods compare to Psycho Wand as far as overall power and versatility? I know starting out on the NA release the Psycho Wand was like the absolute pinnacle, and I've got mine up to +30. I just don't know whether it's worth it to invest all the effort (or meseta) into getting a second one to unlock the grind to +35 or if I'd be better off investing in something that will prove better overall in the long run. I've been largely ignoring the Dex-based rods since there's no way to get a Force's Dex that high without taking on a subclass that doesn't really "fit" it, at least for right now.

Likewise are there any Talises worth investing in? Using the Gal Wind right now, I'm sure there are better options, just not sure which is the best to shoot for right now.

And final n00b-ish question of the night, is it better to invest in having weapons of every elemental type (either multiple copies of the same weapon with different elements or mix-and-match just to fill them all out) or to specialize in a specific element? This is more for the Tech classes but I imagine it can apply to all other classes as well.

@MachineQueen excuse me! but how to hide the decal/sticker on my outfit? is there a way? or maybe to get a very small one? thank you!

@zaffy2005 The only straight upgrades to Psycho Wand are Gix, Nemesis, and Slave, with Nemesis pulling ahead of that bunch for its high PP cost reduction, and Gix falling at #3 despite having the highest damage multiplier because its bonus drops when you use your dodge.

Those three series are basically the best options for Talis as well, and they seem to be cheaper on the market than their Rod equivalents.

Only a few very niche builds benefit from the time and resources used to get a rainbow set of weapons. Force does not need to since Element Convert's off-element damage bonus is still really high, only being 3% weaker than matching weapon element to Tech element with 13☆s, so a single Rod/Talis is enough. For Techer, there is a Ring that lets you change Wand element like with Jet Boots. In general, a Light weapon is the best option just because Falspawn are so common, on top of most UQ Bosses being weak to it.

@BLaCKnBLu3B3RRY You can get a blank emblem from Swap Shop 2.

Does your MAG gain more exp if you feed it an upgraded weapon instead of just giving it raw?

@Razzlie No, it is just a matter of the weapon's rarity.

What set would you recommend a Force/Techer use ? I'm Ice/Light based, but can't seem to find a good unit set. Atm walking around with a Nox Lipher with a Schlacht set, could also buy a Mars Estur with the cash I currently have.

What do you recommend ?

I have a ? Plz. My main is a ranger with hunter sub. Currently what is the best rifle and launcher? Currently I have a launcher defense build. But idk if it's the best I got so far

So, can the chat bubble color be changed somehow? I see people use all kind of colors and mine is just... Red. And it looks violent, not fan of it.

alt text

@Pulptenks Everyone has a different color when viewed by other players, but the one you view for yourself will always be the one associated with your party position, and since when you log in you are in party spot 1, it will appear to be red to you.

@AndrlCh Thank you for clarifying this mystery.

Hello! I've been having the habit of stockpilling every 7* equipment I come across, already created the 2 extra characters to extend my storage, but I've so much of these items that I don't have anywhere else to store them. I know 10*+ I can use to swap for EX Cubes, but what's the worth of 7* to 9* equipments? I've been assuming since I started to play 2 weeks ago they worth something because if I try to sell them the game prompts me a msg to confirm saying it's a 7*+ equip and if I really want to sell it. In short words, should I get rid of all 7* ~ 9* equipments I have to free my storage space or are there any useful use for them? I already have a 12* weapon and 10* units, so equipping a lower rarity for me are not an option. Thanks in advance!!


Aside from using them as grinding and affixing fodder, in most cases you can just sell off anything under 10*. That warning is just vestigial from the fact that they are still considered "rare" items.