Ask a veteran ARKS!

@Blackichan08 is your subclass 75 as well? you get some stats from Subclass and some gear requirements are with that in mind

@Gerbilios ahh na my sub is 55 is that what it is?

@Blackichan08 Depending on your race, you may not have enough DEX to equip things naturally, even at lv75/75. To be able to equip them, you may need to get Braver and/or Bouncer to lv75 since their Title Bonuses give 60 DEX (30 from each).

And yes, your Subclass does add 20% of its stats to your main class, so you need to level it to get the most out of your stats.

@AndrlCh ahh it's the new units the cali one got super lucky with drops got 2 bits so was going to give them a go on my sum but I am a Newman. But in will test it later it's only 6 maybe 3 or 4 levels

@Blackichan08 Is you sub class 75 too? Sorry, please ignore my post. The thread didn't update the latest posts 😢

Is the title “a new frontier” for the Hero class? Because I got to level 75 and it doesn’t show up in the title counters.

This might go badly, but I was curious what would be the general consensus of 'expected dps' for endgame right now. I ask as I do see the 500k braver, but what's the 'expected' dps that would be determined good?

Unless you parse you wont ever really find out your DPS, and i personally wouldn't recommend getting into that, it is not as widely supported in this game as it is in other games (by applications and community), and for a good reason.

I suppose you could be using the Rockbear Tally for some rough estimate, but i haven't seen people use it for dickmeasuring contests do this exist and how do I get in on that lol.

@Macmaxi yeah no. For the most part I estimate my hits are around 20k on weakpoints on my gunblade, so I get about 4 hits per PA, 80k for semi speedy. I know gunblade is known to be the weakest but I can't stand most other weapons right now without crafting.

@Noctosis For the more "tryhard" folk, to which i sort of belong too, you can take the frame data of your PA's, and divide it through the power of the ability to get a DPS value or DPP (damage per pp) if you do the third step, that gets you a value on paper which in an action game is sort of difficult, especially because it depends on what you are hitting. Stuff like Elder Weak points are x2.0 multiplier while Anga (the shiny boss in ultimate) only comes with a x1.1 or x1.2 multiplier (i don't remember).

There is not a lot research done for this, most of this is complied by single players and due to the small community even japanese sources tend to be outdated or flatout wrong at times.

If you use Gunblade and pretty much accepted that you wont be doing "cutting edge dps" (whatever that means) i'd just sit back and relax. I think sidewiper slash had a decent DPP but it's terrible clunky to use.

To give you an example here is a link to the japanese wiki which hopefully directs you to the DPS / DDP sheet for gunblade:

Pso2 Swiki - Gunblade Framedata

Translate the page and you probably get some useful information out of this, you can navigate to any weapon's PA page to see this sheet, but as i said this stuff isn't well researched and might be wrong / outdated. This is also based on JP info so it has crafts and stuff we don't have yet.

Of course you also have to keep in mind the kinds of modifiers you get from your Skill Tree and the general stats from the weapon itself. The damage calculation formula for PSO2 is public and there is a tool to calculate your theoretical dps:

I wont go into how you use that, there is some info to it on the page itself but this i really just recommend to more experienced players.

Got a quick question on Loadouts: do they only work if I keep the registered gear in my inventory, or can I leave it in the Character Storage? I've been using the trick of switching to a lower class when doing "hardcore" story missions while using a much higher subclass to boost overall effectiveness, but it's a bit of a hassle having to take the extra time after switching between Ranger and Gunner to go through the storage bins, pull out the right gear, re-equip all the weapons and units, readjust all the sheathe positions, swap weapon camos, dump all the other class's stuff back into storage so my inventory isn't overburdened, just to have to turn around and do it all over again when I want to do something else. Will registering all that to a loadout still mean I have to keep everything "on hand?"

@zaffy2005 It will pull things out of Storage when you select a Loadout, unless it is in another Character's Inventory or Character Storage.

@AndrlCh Does it work similar to Furnishings as far as it'll pull things out of storage but it won't put anything back into storage? And will it still save things like sheathe positions? Not that they're a big deal it's just one of my little nit-picky details.

@zaffy2005 It will not send things back into Storage, you still have to do that manually (though you can multi-select items in your Inventory to send them to Storage). Weapon positions are saved as part of Loadouts.