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We know that the Fan translation named it "Dual Blades" as a direct translation/conversion of it's official Japanese name. However the NA version has called this category "Soaring Blade". The "Blade" part seems to be correct, but "Soaring" is not related to Double, Dual, Twin, Couple, Two, Binary or any synonym I could think of. With all this said, I leave it to thou what thy opinion on the matter is. Does thee favor "Dual Blades" or "Soaring Blades" or perhaps something else?

The reason with the name of "Soaring Blades" is most probably due to how it's actually named in JPN It's actually labelled as "飛翔剣", which means something along the line of "Flying Swords"

I'm going to ask the obvious since I've not actually seen anything in the NA version, is Jetboots renamed to something along the lines of "Magic Shoes"? if so that's also because the label for Jetboots in JPN is "魔装脚".

Which also meant something along the lines of Magic Boots.

@Kageshiro-Ryou Dual Blades, Gunslashes, and Takts are the only weapon types that had their names altered from their katakana forms (to Soaring Blades, Gunblades, and Harmonizers), with Assault Rifles, Bullet Bows, and Twin Daggers losing their adjectives to simply be Rifles, Bows, and Daggers.

@Kageshiro-Ryou As AndrlCh mentioned, Most weapon categories are translated/based of their Katakana names or either simplified/shortened version from that. Jet Boots still remain as Katakana's Jet Boots.

I'm not sure if Harmonizer is an iteration of its Kanji name. (I'm sadly not versed in Kanji, only studied Katakana.)

EDIT: Seems Harmonizer is indeed a translated iteration from its Kanji name, 奏具 is 'instrument'.

Gunblade could go both ways, it's either a matter of perception or an iteration from translation.

Gunslash is what the Fan Translation uses for the JP version, based of its Katakana name. (ガンスラッシュ) While the Kanji name is 銃剣, which translates to 'Bayonet'.

A Bayonet is indeed a rifle (Gun) with a knife (Blade) attached to it. Therefore, Gunblade. But if we take a look at Gunslash and the word 'Slash', it could be seen as derived from 'Blade' in a certain perspective. So Gunblade could have come from either Katakana or Kanji depending on one's point of view.

Not that it matters much though, Gunblade/Gunslash isn't that widely different compared to Dual Blades/Soaring Blades.

(My opinion between Takt or Harmonizer? Baton.)

@ErinXh It should be Baton since Takt is just a shortening of the German word for it (taktstock), but there is already the Wand named Baton, so I can see why they didn't go with it. Harmonizer still strikes me as weird just because a harmonizer is a type of pitch shifter. I kinda get the thinking behind it since you are "harmonizing" with your Pet, but I can't help but feel there could have been something that worked a little better.

@AndrlCh Learn something new every day, I never figured where the word "Takt" came from. Don't think I've ever heard, seen or read it until 'Summoner'. Interesting to know its German origin.

They should have gone with "Stick", if only for some laughing matter.

"銃剣" is actually a rather straightforward one. If we see this as a 2 Kanji characters word, this can only mean bayonet. But if we see each character apart, "銃" = gun, "剣" = sword. Replacing sword with blade, done! 😃

So maybe we can see this as another weapon taking its NA name from the Kanji weapon name.

"奏具" is a very troublesome one and I don't want to go into details.

My wild guess is, they thought Harmonizer was a better word to express the nature of Summoner's act, compared to "タクト" or "奏具". So it ignores the JP names of the weapon.

@AndrlCh How did you find Rifle or Daggers are the canonical names of the weapon in NA? The in-game tutorials or weapon compendium or the class explanation of the official site list Assault Rifle or Twin Daggers.

But really horrible (or hilarious) part of this story is that even I checked this far, I can't be sure whether I found the correct terms or I'm just seeing our familiar term inconsistencies. 😲

From what I've seen the weapons in the NA game are Twin Daggers, Assault Rifle, Launcher, Twin Machine Guns, Bow, Katana, Rod, Wand, Talis, Sword, Wired Lance, Knuckles, Partisan, Jet Boots, Harmonizer, Soaring Blades, Gunblade (which is what this style of weapon is called in Final Fantasy 8, although I did find one site that translated the name simply as "cancer") and the only one I keep getting mixed up is dual/double saber/swords. I think the game calls them Double Sword or double saber but I've taken to calling them Dual Sabers just because it rolls off the tongue more smoothly. Heh, honestly have no clue how these compare to the original terms.

@Fiona-Respha I was just checking on the NA Visiphone site, which has them listed like that, so I figured that that is how they were in game. It is odd that they have done that if it's not how it is in game.

@AndrlCh Ah, I see. Maybe that's for layout or something, just a guess.

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(My opinion between Takt or Harmonizer? Baton.)

I was a bit confused on that as well when @AndrlCh first mentioned that Takt is renamed to Harmonizers. Then I searched for the name label for Takt.

Turns out, takt is literally a Harmonizer. 奏具 そうぐ (Sou-gu). It has the meaning of "smoothing, harmonizing music". The literal translation for this is "Harmonizing Instrument", as in the one you see in orchestra concerts where the lead directs the orchestra with a stick.

Does anyone know how "merging" (or "uniting," or whatever the technical term is) Alliances affects AP? Like right now I'm solo in my Alliance, got it leveled up to 5, and got a few thousand AP sitting in my coffers. If I joined with another Alliance and thus mine was "absorbed" into theirs, would that add my current AP to their pool, or would those points disappear?


Pretty sure that alliance points are personal and tied to that specific alliance.

@zaffy2005 From the Online Manual regarding Alliance Unions:

"Rules for forming an Alliance Union are as follows: ...

  • All of the Alliance Points that the alliance that accepted the union has will be owned by the alliance that proposed the union...."

Basically, if you do a Union between the two Alliances (where your Alliance is absorbed by the other), your AP gets added to theirs, but if you just leave your previous Alliance and join a new one, then the AP is lost.

@AndrlCh Ok, thanks for the clarification. Been thinking of having my alliance "absorbed" by another since it's just me and not like I've been doing much of anything with it besides leveling it up.