Ask a veteran ARKS!

Hi, ive been looking thru the internet to try to get some answers about sub classes and using their photon arts and i'm not really getting the clarity i wanted. I'm a braver with hunter sub and cannot access any of the hunter PA's.

I've read i need a katana that says equippable by 'all'.... sooooo i got one of those and nope, aaaand i got a katana that says equippable by braver and hunter still no. i could however, equip that katana when hunter was my main class but still no hunter photon arts with the katana. Which really threw me cuz i was thinking "It is a HUNTER weapon that does not use the HUNTER photons?!?! lol. So the photon arts are WEAPON specific, not class??? Lame.... Do the photon arts not cross over weapons? ever? i kno tech classes do...

Do I have to get a sword equippable by braver to use sonic arrow,rising edge etc and then switch from one melee weapon to another just to shoot out a sonic arrow? (when i could of just done that with the braver's bow =P) and the same for wired lance/partisans?

Ive read i am not able to equip the sub class weapons but i can use their photon arts, huh???

if i have to find specific weapons that are equippable by bravers or 'all' to use that weapons PA's then is the subclass just for passive bonuses from the skill tree? which so far, is the only thing i can seem to notice.

Or is it now i have the option of finding and using swords,lances,partisans equippable by all/bravers?

maybe i need to lvl more? I'm so confused... i've bought 2 extra skill tree's (1 in BR,1 in HU) just to dump points into to try to understand this and yes ive put the skills into my sub palette hahaha

@Shmayken To just summarize it all, PAs are weapon specific, so to use Hunter PAs, you need to use a Braver-equipable Sword, Wired Lance, or Partizan, and have Hunter as your sub; the main benefits of a subclass are access to its non-Main-Class-only Skills and getting 20% of its Stats. Being able to use its PAs with a multi-/all-class weapon is just a bonus.


OK thank uuuuuu

a non-main class skill is something from the skill tree, not a disc, that doesn't have the "only use-able as main class" at the bottom

@Shmayken Yes, that is correct.

Ok, few more questions. First off, what in the heck is a Weaponoid Booster (was in one of hte red Exchange shops, think it was the Ex-Cube shop) and what does it actually do? NA descriptions need a serious retooling.

Second question, are there any "All" equip Knuckles, Rods, Bows, Wands, Talis, and Katanas that are relatively cheap (don't want to break the bank if I don't have to)? Mainly looking for the Knuckles since I have other characters that can use the other weapons but I'm working on trying to catalog as many of the multi-weapon camos applied to as many weapons as possible and I've got most of them covered in "All equip" form (lot of the Lambda-class weapons, for example, can be used by any class). I'm trying to get a full lineup of AE weapons so I don't have to keep swapping characters and/or classes multiple times throughout this project (already have most of Leaf in Autumn Breeze and Repple Lamere cataloged).

Anyone else who wants to jump in on that project, maybe get better screenshots than what I've got posted so far (trust me, the bar is NOT set very high, I am a screenshot n00b), feel free to jump into that thread and help build a complete catalog of multi-weapon camos in all their forms, since the previews in-game only ever show one.

@zaffy2005 Weaponoid boosters are used to unlock special potencial abilities on some weapons, instead of photon spheres.

Weaponoid boosters were originally rewards from the smartphone game (PSO2es) in the JP version, the name "Weaponoid" comes from there too, but since that game is not gonna be released in the west, the boosters were included in an exchange shop to allow for those potentials to still be usable.

@zaffy2005 As Ezodagrom said, weaponoid boosters are used to unlock optional weapon potentials. As far as I know, Lightning Espada have such a potential. Probably, the weapons from "exchange unique weapon badges" shop all have these "weaponoid" potentials. Aside from them, Ardillo (9-star sword) has one.

As for all class weapons, 12-star Sigma series are pretty cheap. Their DEX requirements (440) are rather high, but I suppose a 75/55 level character will have no problem to meet that stat 🙂

@Ezodagrom Ah, ok, so if I need it it'll pop up in the "ingredients" list, until then I don't have to worry about them. The in-game description had me thinking it was some sort of consumable applied to weapons to reduce how long it takes to build up a PSE Burst.

@Fiona-Respha So nothing on the lower end of the price scale then? Already have Lambda-tier weapons of nearly every other type except Knuckles and Double Saber, but when I looked up the Knuckles in the Shops the weren't AE. Haven't checked on the Double Saber yet but I do find it odd that every other Lambda weapon is AE except Knuckles.

@zaffy2005 Well, I felt Sigma series are cheap enough, so didn't check out lower rarity rares 😀

For Knuckles, 7-star Lionheart Knuckles looks like cheaper than Sigma Gowanga. Lambda Helfret (8-star Double Saber) is indeed all class.

@Fiona-Respha The Lambdas I've typically been able to find for 1,050 Meseta, most of the Sigmas I've seen have been in the 500,000+ range. Now that you mention it by name I did pick up the Helfret earlier today. Think I got it for around 3,000 at most.

Also earlier, I was enhancing a weapon, I beleive it was the Talis you can get from the Astracite shop, and when it got to +10 it looked like there were two "Potentials" but I was in a hurry and just clicked through. Is there a way to unlock that other potential or at least go back and check what it was?

@zaffy2005 There is an option at the Enhancement counter to switch potentials.

@AndrlCh Now will that tell me what the potential actually does or will I have to apply it and check the 3rd "tab" to see what it actually does?

@zaffy2005 When you hover over it in the switching menu, a little pop-up with the description of the potentials is shown, just like when you are unlocking them during the Enhancement process.

@AndrlCh I haven't noticed any pop-up. Not sure if it works differently on Xbox or if I'm just not doing something right.

@zaffy2005 It's probably just a matter of you clicking through quickly and not noticing, especially if it was a case where there was only one potetnial. It looks like this:

alt text