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@AndrlCh Thanks for the help, I skipped the upgrades and it worked out. Going to replace stuff with MP caps.

Hello, I would like help with an issue. To use the Lightweave Klauz Rod + 35 I need 950 tec pwr (Current Value: 931) My phantom is already lvl 100 and with mag 200 Dex did I do something wrong in the build or is there something that can give me the 19 points for the 950?

@Kyaxi_ This may not be the most efficient answer, but the first thing that comes to mind are the stat bonuses you receive after getting a class to Lvl 75. You'd get 50 TEC points for getting Techer to 75 and 20 points for getting Bouncer there. You can also get 15 points from leveling Fighter and Ranger to 75, but obviously you'd have to level both to reach the 19 needed.

Here's a table of all of the class boosts, and an easy way to power level a brand new class is to equip it as your sub-class while running Tokyo Keys on a class that's already Lvl 80+. We're about to enter a PSO2 Day so you'll get an extra 100% EXP boost which will help speed things up.

@Rang-Dipkin Thank you very much for your help, I just put the techer lvl 75 and with the bonus of 50 my phantom got 981 tec pwr: D

@Kyaxi_ Ahh, that's great to hear, congrats!!

Which is likely the better strategy for a Gunblade Braver: Phantom sub with Dex Mag, or Luster sub with ATK Mag?

I know two of the more obvious points in favor of the Phantom sub is Phantom sub allows access to Techs, so there's no need to lug around a pack full of mate/atomizer items (which take up a surprising amount of space), and the doubled Dex mag bonus (effectively 400 to RNG and MEL as well as the +200 to Tech to bolster the Braver's lackluster TEC PWR).

I just wasn't sure if the Luster's subclass skill that specifically boosts the Gunblade's effectiveness was bigger than the extra +200 PWR the Phantom's Dex mag would provide, and if it's worth losing access to Techs, as using Luster as a subclass means you don't really get the full benefit of the class, particularly all the "Volt" related buffs and healing as well as the increased mobility offered by the Sidestep Slide.

I've seen a few youtube videos using Luster as a subclass with titles hinting at Luster being a ridiculously OP subclass but they never actually explain WHY it's so great. Just blast their meme music while lighting up the practice dummy Rockbear. I think it's something to do with the Volt meter and a skill reset perk? But, again, they never actually explain exactly what their set-up and approach is, e.g. what combo of skills/PAs are they using to achieve the effect. I'm never entirely sure how subclass skills work when the primary/base skill says "main class only" but then there are all these add-on perks related to that one that don't specify that they're MCO.

I just don't know if Luster will provide a significant enough boost to the basic Gunblade (focusing almost exclusively on normal attacks and the Strezwei PA) and "survivability" (i.e. healing/buffs) to effectively outperform the overall utility of a Phantom sub. Still pondering a Techer-Luster build in my never-ending quest for a "battle mage." One would think Hero or Phantom would have been the one but their emphasis on class-specific PAs detracts from Tech-focused combat for me. Maybe the battle mage idea itself just doesn't translate to PSO2's combat gameplay.

@zaffy2005 You can find the specific multiplier for each main class here.

Please note that this Sub-Luster Gunblade Boost skill only boosts melee and ranged attacks, so its a poor choice to use techniques from a gunblade wielded by a sub-Luster.

And just to be sure, the Volts system itself is fully active even if the Luster is used as a sub class. All the skill tree under the Luster Volts skill do not have the "main class only" designation. Just that sub class Luster won't have Luster styles, so its harder to rack up Volts and get benefits from it.

EDIT: The current skill description of Sub-Luster Gunblade Boost skill is somewhat misleading. Something like the following is better, IMO.

"When a Gunblade is equipped, boosts the potency depending on your Main Class. Usable only by a Sub Class."

@zaffy2005 there are no right or wrong choices, it all boils down to personal preference

@Kyaxi_ said in Ask a veteran ARKS!:

Hello, I would like help with an issue. To use the Lightweave Klauz Rod + 35 I need 950 tec pwr (Current Value: 931) My phantom is already lvl 100 and with mag 200 Dex did I do something wrong in the build or is there something that can give me the 19 points for the 950?

Funny thing is, you can achieve 950+ Tec with lv100, a 200 Dex mag and no class stat boosts on lv75 for any race which are not part of the

  • Human (male)
  • Cast (male)


@Fiona-Respha Ok, so it looks like Force would receive a larger bonus than Techer, but Techer has the higher "natural" melee attack compared to Force so I don't know if the difference might balance out as far as the "gunblade battle mage" idea goes.

Comparing percentages to raw stats can be confusing in this game. Like for the BrLu vs BrPh quandary, is +200 power from the Phantom Mag better or worse than the +185-190% gunblade sub bonus for Braver, and are the other bonuses of each class equally matched or would one have sufficient bonuses to tip the scales? Like, if the Luster's GB bonus outperforms the double Dex bonus of BrPh Mag skills, but the Phantom sub offers significantly higher "general" bonuses it may outperform the Luster overall. Not sure if anyone's ever been dedicated/bored enough to crunch those numbers and I wouldn't really even know where to begin.

As for the Volt system, though, it may simply require focusing more on multiple-hit Techs/PAs rather than hard-hitting single shot options. Like using Ilgants (10 hits charged) rather than Grants (5 hits charged), or grazing multiple targets with Safoie-Zero rather than hitting a single target with Rafoie, in order to build up the volts faster than they can deplete, but likely still nowhere near as effectively/efficiently as a main-class Luster could.

I guess my best option is just try it out and see what happens. I really want the Gunblade to be a viable weapon and make decent use of the standard PAs/Ranged mode normal attack. I may well give up on the BrLu based on nothing more than Technique access. Maybe BoLu would be the better option for keeping Techs. Or perhaps even SuLu and just completely ignore pet-related skills to focus on stat boosts. Need another month or two of the 300% EXP boost across all quests so I can get all these classes leveled up for testing. lol.

Where do you get lesser stamina/might/precision iv units? I know they should drop in divide quests, but which steps? Are there any other places? Maybe in the current UQs? Also, which left ring do bow bravers use? Is it Alt. Photon Bullet Mode or Bow Homing?

@Yui2387 I suppose you mean the units with those lesser augments as augment factors. They drop a lot on UH difficulty of Drawn to Darkness UQ and Cradle of Darkness UQ. If you go to these UQs, make sure you have enough space both in you inventory and storage.

I'm not familiar with bow Braver so can't comment on what's good for them, but I hear nothing bad about Bow Homing ring for Braver bow. Alt. Photon Bullet Mode is a ring for Force rod photon bullet, not for bow.

@Fiona-Respha Thanks for the help. I will try to catch the UQs.

I got the *Coated Rod camo from the Cradle of Darkness on UH, do the rest of the *Coated camos drop there? I hope we get the All Weapon Coated Edge camo swap at some point (soon maybe?).

This is something that has been bugging me since last week and I need answers. Sorry if this has been asked before and I'm repeating a question.

Can Tigger Actions from Mags be activated without ever feeding your Mag?

Since they added 50 runs a day for Masquerade, I've been fighting him more and more, and sometimes I noticed that my character doesn't receive any damage at all. I thought that I could be my Mag, since it does have the "Support / Invulnerability A" trigger actions. I asked my alliance mates if ot was possible, but all of them told me that it wasn't. So I came here to ask, I know there'll be someone that's well informed about this.

Here's a small video proof if anyone is interested on seeing it. For the record, I almost never feed my mag, so I didn't feed it beforehand and the power ran out just as the invencibility was activated. If that were the case I wouldn't be here asking.