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@zaffy2005 I'm not sure what else to suggest but perhaps the problem isn't at your end, maybe it's at sega's end

Just want to be sure. Is 40 the maximum number of partner cards we can have now? Or am I missing someone?


I mean it probably can handle it alright. Just whoever was in charge of doing the port did a bad job of it. Of course it could also be showing just how bad the old engine and it's coding are.

@Knight-Raime It is odd. For the most part it tends to run fine enough. A bit of stuttering here and there but I expect that with any online game these days even if I could run it on the absolute best of the best hardware and the fastest consumer-grade internet connection available. It happens. But every now and then it's like I just got downgraded to dial-up.

Got another question to put out there, because it struck me as odd. Anyone else getting "Attack Up M" from the Shifta Drink ZX? I'm almost positive I never got anything but Attack Up L from this drink all the way up until Episode 6 was released, now I randomly get "downgraded" to M. It was already a big enough pain in the arse (and sometimes a very costly one) having to "re-roll" trying to get the Exp Up add-on bonus, and now I have to fight with it to give me the proper attack upgrade which make the odds of getting the combo I actually want even smaller.

Does the "Mag Reset Device" also reset the form of the mag or can i change it back to the form it had befor the "Mag Reset Device* with a *Mag Form Change Pass"?

@Arthoras If you changed the form via an appearance device, then you can use the Mag Form Change Pass.

That said, remember that it is cheaper to buy a new Mag than buying a Reset Device, and that you can also fix a Mag without AC by using Mag Level Down devices from the ExCube shop.

my drink of choice is guts drink zx

@AndrlCh Thank you for the info. I know that buying a new mag is cheaper but you would need to buy the support expansion slots and the form of the old mag if possible. I know the the "Mag Reset Device" resets your mag to level 1. The ARKS wiki tells me thet it will keep the expansion slots form the expansion kits.

what i dont know is if it wi9ll keep its form or if it will revert to ist level 1 form and loses the current form or if it reverts to the level 1 form and you can change it to the form it had befor the "Mag Reset Device" with a "Mag Form Change Pass"?

@Arthoras Most likely reset mag can use the form of mag evolution devices used for that character in the past. FAQ on the JP official site says so (link). The problem is that these JP official FAQ doesn't always show the latest info. But in this case, this FAQ was written after April 2014, and I suppose there has been no functional update on mags after that. So I guess this FAQ holds true even now.

In addition to this, newly added mags with mag tickets can also use the forms of evolution devices used in the past for that character. Confirmed that myself.

@Arthoras A Mag Form Change Pass can use other Mag Evolution forms that you have unlocked for your character (and not just on another Mag you used). I was able to build a new DEX Mag using the same form my previous Mag on that same character used so I was able to have a TEC Mag and a DEX Mag with the same forms.

You may want to look at the Recycle Shop for the Mag Form Change Pass which should not be too difficult to get.

@VanillaLucia & @VanillaLucia

Thanks for the info. I didnt know thet the form change pass is character wide.

Since getting Hero and Phantom up to at least 80 on all my characters (Etoile is still dead to me because I don't like Melee classes) I've finally started going back and building up some of their "original" classes (the ones I felt best fit the "vibe" of the character) and I've hit a bit of a conundrum.

For an "All elements" caster (swapping weapons or simply Technique pallets to focus on a target's weakness), it use to be a simple matter of mixing Force (Ice, Fire, Lightning) and Techer (Light, Dark, Wind) with a handful of stat points thrown into each "Mastery" to boost overall damage for every elemental type. Simple, straight forward, if a bit costly when it comes to SP.

But now I have Phantom as a potential subclass and I'm wondering which makes the better "All elements" main-class caster, Force or Techer? I do like the Force's ability to regain PP even while charging, but the Phantom's sped up charge skill takes away some of its utility as I no longer spend so much time charging (and I'm sure if I were to invest in the Flame Tech Short Charge fire techniques would have nearly imperceptible charge times, further rendering this skill unusable). On the other hand is the Techer's increased PP recovery rate (which when combined with Force's PP skill makes for an effective "stationary magic turret" build), but that benefits most from staying still and Phantom's Tech skills are about mobility and quick casting, so you're not as likely to remain stationary when using this as a main or even sub class.

Both Force and Techer are limited to only three elemental "proficiencies," meaning neither one on its own can truly "master" all six elements. Which then is the better option to pair with Phantom? And when I inevitably have to get my hands dirty to recover expended PP, which one better benefits from Phantom's boosts, i.e. does Techer receive a significantly disproportionate boost to make it worth surrendering Force's longer range "Rod Shot" for regaining PP?

Or does Phantom just not really work well for an all-element build and I would be better off going back to a FoTe build entirely for that particular goal?

@zaffy2005 Plain and simple, Phantom as a sub is not going to get you an all-element style build because of the lack of half of the Masteries. Basically, it is an upgrade/sidegrade of a Fighter sub; that means for Force, you focus mostly on Lightning Techs with some situational Ice and Fire, and for Techter, it is still a mostly Melee build with viable Tech-usage.

@AndrlCh And even as a main class trying to make Phantom a "pure caster" is kind of a complete waste of its potential, isn't it? Although part of me wonders if the reduction in Tech power that comes with the reduction in charge time may actually make Phantom a detriment to a pure Tech class.

I tend to default to Light techniques, specifically Ilgrants for its fairly long range and homing ability, and Gigrants if I get mobbed (works pretty well for clearing Tokyo Key missions) so maybe Techer would be the better main class in that regard. I'm just not a fan of its reliance on melee combat for PP regeneration. That and because Force and Phantom both use rods I figured there must be some small bonus to using that over a Wand or even Talis (which I know Techer has almost no bonuses for and Phantom's only "Talis" bonus is limited to a class-specific PA).

I really like this whole class and subclass concept but it's seeming like it's not nearly as flexible and intuitive as one might hope.

@zaffy2005 Phantom is actually great at "pure" Tech usage, and that is in fact one of the most efficient styles of playing it (combined with detonating your Markers and dodging for Counters/PP recovery). Its casting speed and PP cost reduction more than make up for the lowered damage multiplier, and because it doesn't rely on any sort of elemental-based Skill, you have more freedom with your Tech use, though you will likely find specific Techs that are more efficient for the situation.