Ask a veteran ARKS!

Curious on vets opinions of hero vs Luster. I'm not really looking for which one is more "meta" than the other or better statistically. Just like. How does one feel compare to the other. As i'm looking to maybe transition into luster from hero on my main. I really like hero's variety with it's weapons and being able to swap them on the fly instead of using the pallete. I also just in general enjoy the speed of hero.

Also with luster is it too much of a pain to have 3 gunblades in terms of getting them? I don't have enough titles to get a second key revelrate yet and i'm wondering if that trend is going to continue or not in terms of getting these high end weapons. Currently my hero is just using an atlas sword and tmgs. I gave the EX to my phantom for a rifle and made my phantoms a trailblazer katana. Can still make another trailblazer but i'm unsure if I want to give that to my Etiole since the rivalrate soaring blades SSA looks really great.

@Knight-Raime The way I would describe it very loosely from my time playing as the Luster (which unfortunately really wasn't much) was that if the Hunter is similar to how you would expect something from Monster Hunter to play and the Hero is similar to how you would expect for something from Devil May Cry to play, the Luster is like something from a PlatinumGames sort of combat from something like a very loose Bayonetta. It is much faster and simpler on paper to pick up the Luster than it is to pick up the Hero because so much of what you "need" to do is built right into your natural controls so you can double-tap dodge to slide/teleport and you can jump out of your attacks to lift enemies/yourself into the air or to drop back down. It takes a lot of the "Hold to Change" mechanics from the Hero to use as "Enhance Arts" which give every photon art another stage and use and also employs the Gunner's S-Roll Arts timing to link your Enhance Arts together in succession (which expends Gear to use). You also have some attacks with Move Arts and Stay Arts that function much like the Double-Saber Etoile's Skip Arts (standing still or moving changes properties and the nature of some attacks) and you lastly have the "Cluster" that is built up depending on your element.

The thing with the Luster that I feel is difficult to explain is that there is "a lot" of overloaded mechanics and inputs you have as I mean "overloaded" as in the computer science/programming sense of it where your buttons become more contextual depending on what you are doing. It feels very natural so you can dodge out of an attack or you can double-tap the dodge button to close the distance or even teleport around the area and the auto-casting for Zenverse/Megiverse is extremely intuitive as it does not stop you from your combat unlike the other classes who have casting animations. The only thing that might be tough would be scrolling through the subpalette so you can activate Luster Time. Beyond that, the actual mechanics of the class are very straight-forward as much of their power comes from maintaining voltage (each attack you do builds "Voltage" which is effectively a combo counter) and letting it expire after five seconds of not dealing damage completely resets it and your power. Building Voltage on bosses is not difficult but is very similar to the Hero's level of aggression and speed on enemies.

If you really wanted a quick way to change elements I recall there is an S4 ability (S4: Genesis Ring/S4: Transmutation Circle from the Atlas Soaring Blades) that can change the element of your weapon depending on the Right "Guard" Ring you are equipping so you can easily pick three of the elements you want (Fire/Dark, Ice/Light, and Lightning/Wind) by swapping rings if you cannot create three Gunslashes for all three styles. However, in practicality you might just have three different Gunslashes of differing types anyways because it isn't feasible to think of getting three Cras weapons especially since the next major upgrade from Liberate/Rivalrate's Plus potential is Ayer and Cras which Cras is difficult to get for their limited resources and that Ayer is the step before it.

I would imagine that when it comes around to it Sega may potentially hand out Liberate weapons or Lightstream/Trailblazer weapons out to players like they did on the Japanese version (Lightstream given out on the "Road to Etoile" campaign and Liberate given out on the "Road to Luster" campaign) or that at some point we might just get free Liberate weapons from a future campaign like how we got Atlas EX weapons for free and very little effort.


So basically hero is like dmc where you string together free-form combat with weapon moves but luster is more strung together free-form combat but with movement and abilities? Interesting.

Cool to know about the ring stuff but it seems highly impractical for me as a console bound controller user to swap rings on the fly. I don't mind having to pallette swap weapons as I already do that with phantom and etiole. I just worried about making releavent gear considering how much more scarce these later weapons seem to be.

I think I might make my first liberate as a soring blades for my etiole and make another trailblazer for my hero. Then depending where things are at with new weapons past liberate I'll likely give one to my hero so she'll have at least two end game weapons. Dunno about my etiole then. I've heard atlas ex gets creeped so I'm a tad worried for my rifle on my phantom.

@Knight-Raime When Divide Quests come along the Lightstream/Trailblazer weapons get power-creeped because you'll have access to the "Rainbow Combo" for SSA's that requires the Rainbow S4 that Atlas has and as a result Lightstream weapons effectively become PP Batteries that are stronger than Atlas EX on paper but aren't quite as handy to have other than for their potential.

By that point you can work your way up to Stil which has the requirements of not getting hit (like the Hero's original mechanics as getting hit completely weakens these weapons) or use the Liberate's Redux potential to get close. Ayer weapons and Cras weapons come at about the same time but the Ayer weapons are the step before and are likely your next big upgrade from everything else so by then you should not have to worry too much if you already have a variety of Atlas EX/Lightstream/Liberate weapons. I would recommend using the Millionaire/Croesus weapons as fillers for fifteen stars if you don't have anything else to fill in the blanks with for your classes.

This video highlights the Luster's mechanics better than I can explain them if you wanted to see how they play.

What should I do with duplicate cosmetic items that can't be sold on the Item Market? (Specifically thinking of Steam collaborative items that are already bound to my account.)

Is there a way to get more Creator's and Phantasm Emblems? I got the two from story mode.

I've run UH Armada multiple times as Su. I've never gotten an egg higher than 9*. All weapons are dropping as 10*+. With pets over lvl 100, these eggs barely move the XP bar. Am I just getting bad RNG? The Redran eggs are even still dropping at 8*.

Can anyone give me a rundown of recommended graphics settings for the original XB1? Going to the least populated servers and STILL freezing every 3 steps and having "concerts" reduced to a slideshow of maybe 10-20 still-frame images is getting extremely tiresome. I mean maybe it's just my internet connection, sometimes it runs perfectly smooth with no hiccups to speak of but other times I'd be better off trying to watch an HD movie on a zoetrope. Can't really do anything about the net connection, I've already done all the port opening/port forwarding stuff I've heard about for improving connections for online gaming, and supposedly we've got Spectrum's "best" modem for multiple gaming/streaming devices but it's still so wonky. I figure if I can optimize the graphics settings at least that's one less thing to drag it down.

Anyone Know If Some Mag Evolutions Are Not Available On Xbox Yet and will they be released over time? My girlfriend has fell inlove with the lillipa evo yet has no idea to get on trying to figure this out.

@zaffy2005 Ugh, I know your pain all too well! I've actually been meaning to make a compilation of base Xbox feedback for the NGS rollout in the suggestions forum, and one of those was gonna be to add a preset option that lowers all the relevant graphical settings for optimal performance on older machines.

Anyways, I don't have much trouble on the lowest population blocks except for sometimes during concerts. And iirc, the only things I've changed that should affect the ship are loading in the minimal number of player character models (so you see tons of creepy mannequins except for like the nearest 5), and then I also turned off the videos that display on the monitors. I can take a look at my other settings tomorrow and let you know though (e.g. I know I turned off shadows and turned down some other stuff for combat lag).

FWIW, I'm on an Ethernet connection and it still takes minutes of freeze frames to run to the elevator and load the block change menu if I do a multiblock UQ and get dumped off in the Block1 or 34 gate area 😕

@Yeah-Yeah-Beebiss You can get both emblems at Limited-Time SG Swap Shop in exchange for 25 SG scratch items. But this is a pretty extreme way, I suppose.

For free methods, it seems we can get 3 each from title rewards. I think the list on NA Arks Visiphone covers all of them. To wrap it up,

Creator's Emblems

  • Quests - Story Quests [Eps. 1 - 3] - Revealer of True Beginning
    Clear all [Episode 1] Story Quests.

  • Quests - Story Quests [Eps. 1 - 3] - Revealer of False History
    Clear all [Episode 2] Story Quests.

  • Quests - Story Quests [Eps. 1 - 3] - Revealer of Profound History
    Clear Story Quests [Ep. 3] Reaching the Future Together [Ep. 5] Look Over the Records!
    Note: sometimes the in-game title descriptions have wonky translations. For this title, we need to clear a substory quest "Reaching the Future Together" of chapter 4 of episode 3. I guess we have to clear all the main story quests from episode 1 to 3 to make this sub quest appear. Probably we also need to clear some of the episode 5 quests related to Alma.

Phantasm's Emblems

  • Players - Boss Enemy Suppression - Phantasm God Destroyer
    Suppress Deus Esca Gratia 1 time.
    Note: the rematch version Deus Esca.

  • Quests - Story Quests [Ep. 4] - Defender of the New Future
    Clear [Episode 4] Story Quest "Avatar of Annihilation."

  • Quests - Story Quests [Ep. 4] - A Worthy Opponent For Fiends
    Clear [Episode 4] Story Quest "Duel" with an S Rank.
    Note: The Fiend Phaleg battle. Substory quest of chapter 8 of episode 4.

These title rewards matches those on the JP server, so I think these are all we can expect. Actually, JP has 8 more titles with Creator's Emblem rewards, but these titles are related to the abolished "matterboard" system (Divergence Matrix in global) and now not available even in JP.

@zaffy2005 the graphic settings for my old first model Xbox One are as follows. Showing only changes from the default.

  • Graphics Features - Bloom: On >> Off (not sure if this affects)
  • Graphics Features - Ambient Occlusion: On > Off (important)
  • Display Quality - Reflection Quality: 5 >> 3 (not sure if this is effective)
  • Display Quality - Shadow Quality: 5 >> 3 (not sure if this is effective)
  • Display Quality - Screen Brightness: 50 >> 55 (shouldn't affect the performance, just my preference)

Aside from these settings, I try to restart the console at least once an hour (logout from the game, quit the PSO2 app and restart console).

With these settings and console restarts, I have no trouble in blocks with population gauge less than 15%. Of course gate area of a fully populated block is a hell, but such blocks can be avoided.

Changing the Max Detailed Model Display setting might have some effect, but currently I'm using the default 30 for that.

I had changed the setting for how many player models it would render, but it seemed like it made it worse in a way, especially during concerts (like the Quna pair with the floating platforms) as it seemed like every time the camera focused on "new" players it had to stop and render them again every time the camera "moved away" and came back, whereas setting it to render a larger number resulted in a longer load-screen time but once everyone in the area was rendered it ran smoothly. A lot of it just really makes no sense, like there isn't a lot of consistency of "every time there's X number of players or more it lags." I've come out of UQs into jam-packed lobbies and things still ran fairly smooth (bit of "stuttering" to movement but no full freezes) and I've come out of solo encounters (like bonus missions) to nearly empty lobbies and took 3 minutes to walk from the entrance to the middle "lift" to get to the shopping plaza.


I have my settings bottomed out for everything and have it only load 4 models at a time. Issues in more packed lobbies still happen. But I at least can walk around in lobbies that are at half capacity or less and not have issues. I have an OG xbox one like yourself. I have a friend who has the one X and he still has lobby issues when the block is packed or nearly packed even if he has his settings nearly bottomed out. Unfortunately it's probably just poor optimization. Though PSO2 is supposed to get some sort of enhancement/optimization done at some point specifically for the series x/s systems. So maybe that might also help older systems.

It's also possible your system is having problems if it's bad in any lobby. Have you tried power cycling your system? Another friend of mine has to do that every now and then specifically because pso2 seems to have some sort of memory leak or something similar for him. If all else fails you could try a full reinstall. But be warned if you do so the visiphone forgets all the items on the market that you've seen/searched for. And retyping in the exact name of an item can be annoying. You also have to hope it's still on the market in some way for it to be bookmarked again for the regular quick search function.

I've been considering doing so myself since there's an actual stutter everytime I sign in these days. Like the music fully stops and then restarts after the screen is frozen for a second. Then i'm able to select playing with other platforms and sign in.

@zaffy2005 I also noticed a bit of lag but it usually happens when there are a lot of people in the same area as me, perhaps you could try going to your personal or alliance quarters and returning to the gate area, etc. that should fix the lag

@Knight-Raime I do power-cycle it now and then (unplug it for a minute or two then plug it back in). Not entirely sure it helps. Sometimes it seems it does, sometimes not. Definitely want to avoid a full reinstall as I lost my list of items to keep tabs on when my computer died. Hopefully some optimization is on the way. Was kinda hoping being an 8 year old game the standard XB1 would be able to handle it no problem.

@TURION-MOONSTAR Being in PQ or AQ definitely stops the lag while I'm in there but it's never seemed to change things when I step back out into the "public" spaces.