Ask a veteran ARKS!

@Knight-Raime Profound Weapons (if you can find/afford them) should definitely hold you over relatively well. Considering how close we are to getting Liberate/Rivalrate weapons I would not recommend getting too invested on your Jupiter Tullus or Lavis Cannon if you go that route (they both get their potentials turned into S5's from the Liberate series). Their prices have tanked significantly so if you can find them cheaply on the Player Shops you may want to consider that as well.


By invested you mean affixing? I don't really do affixing outside of slapping s grades or augment factors on. But good to know. I'll definitely look around for your suggestions. I've no idea what final series weapon I want for characters anyway aha.

@Knight-Raime That and pushing the weapons to +35, if that makes sense, as you would need to get six of them.


Oh yeah I forgot shop bound weapons are 30. Welp minimum price for the two you listed is 5-7 mill which is a bit much since this character has 10mill. So looks like I'll just pick up a few profunds since they're much cheaper.

Does the scythe rod wielded by the Phantom in the opening cinematic actually exist in-game, and if so where do I get it? Happy to have the Fortilebe camo from the Photon Booster shop but it's not quite the style I'm hoping for. Doesn't really fit the aesthetics of any of my characters. The cinematic one would definitely fit Yvnoel's look/theme, being a bit more emo/gothic. Need something a bit more regal/refined (or just not "space-y" like most of the weapons or "gimmick-y" like the "monster" series of weapons) for Yurielle and something more steampunk-ish for my personal character.

@zaffy2005 That's * Grim Assassin weapon camo for Katana, Assault Rifle and Rod. Probably we'll be able to get one from the following campaign, but I haven't checked out if we'd actually achieved the requested count.

In JP, this camo is an untradable item. If they keep that the same in the global, it'll be an one per account item for a while.

@Fiona-Respha Sweet. I think they just announced they had reached the maximum goal for that, so it's just a matter of waiting for the distribution later this month.

@zaffy2005 Oh, it's great to hear we've reached the goal. Can't wait for the camo 😃

Question: Do we have a list of recommended weapons to upgrade to 30/35 for their augments/S-augments/factors/potentials? Bumped did not seem to have it unless I just overlooked or misinterpreted summin.

Gah, the jargon can be confusing, just venting, I'll catch on eventually lol.

EDIT: Nvm, I have discovered the ARKS Layer affix simulator. Woops.

Is it at all possible to have a full set of end-game (the top-tier 15-star) weapons (every single weapon type) for three different characters? Or will we never amass sufficient key ingredients (Chronos Eternistone, Founder's whatchamacallit, etc.) to be able to obtain even one full set?

And if it's not possible to have full sets of top-tier weapons, what's the best "stand-in" set to pursue? Not that I'm too likely to ever need one of every weapon type on every character as I'm not likely to have all the classes leveled up that far by the time NGS comes out, but still, I hate the idea of only ever being able to have one "fully-equipped" class.

@zaffy2005 It is possible, but it is mostly reliant on the extremely low drop rate of those materials from the rematch triggers.

Ultimately, the best second tier option is a toss up since it depends on your needs. If we are talking actual end-game (ie. the final raid boss), you can "easily" get Ayer weapons for all of your characters, assuming you starting stockpiling a few things right now (they require 20 stones from said boss [and they can drop up to 9 per run ion UH], 200 Luminfragment Emels [which will come from Divide Quests, which are farmable], 50 Emerald [from disassembling 14* weapons], 100 Platinum material [from disassembling 14* weapons], 200 Excubes, and 30 Ultimate Boosters); this series of weapons has a 12% damage potential, S1, S2, S3, and S4 slots, and about 5% more PWR than a Rivalte weapon. These can also be upgraded and gain an S5, but that does require the boss' rare material.

That said, Trailblazer, Atals EX, and Rivalte can be upgraded to a potential that put them close to Ayer using 240 Luminfragment Emels; doing this with Rivalte is basically your best option if you need an S5.

However, if you don't really care that much about power creep, Novel weapons are a good general option, and they should be easy enough to get assuming we get another event that makes Rising Badge 5s more common.

@zaffy2005 Depending on the classes you play some weapons have much more utility that outweigh the sheer power in general situations of the higher-end weapons such as Serpen Plenzer for the Bouncer. These particular Jet Boots aren't very powerful but their potential boosts both the "charging" animation and the range of Vinto Gigue/Jetsweep Kick so you can kick entire mobs with the kick instead of single targets and small groups. The added speed to this kick makes it extremely easy for Bouncer/Phantoms to outdamage any other Bouncer combination (in particular Bouncer/Fighter being the "strongest" combination on paper) without any real conditions to worry about. However, these really fall apart if you are trying to fight someone like Omega Masquerade who resists attacks that hit him for a percentage of his overall health (meaning you will want another pair of Jet Boots to push up your damage for everything else).

Beyond that, the extremely rare resources do have a chance to drop (though I recall it being abysmally low to the point of being just about impossible to see but that might be different due to how Global can technically run these fights repeatedly via the Trigger Quests to get the special triggers that drop the rare resources) via the special Trigger Quests so you can farm those as much as possible to hopefully beat the odds and get something like another Chronos Eternistone or Founder's Amphirite. By the time we start getting to the Episode 6 end-game "for real" you have a number of options you can consider and already should have some within reach. Units are definitely easier to work with because we already have options for two end-game-worthy units and with weapons it definitely is more on the situation you are looking for as a player rather than simply getting the best raw numbers.

I think I'm mostly looking for highest "zero maintenance" DPS (not a lot of ultra-specific conditions or needing a complex combination of factors in place to get there) with the least amount of repetitive grinding (not having to gather hundreds of material items that only drop from one or two missions and even then in tiny quantities). Preferably something I can buy directly from NPCs or player shops, or at least buy all (or nearly all) materials the same way. From my own browsing it seemed like the Dim weapons were decent, just wasn't sure if they'd be quickly out-classed by other, fairly easy to upgrade weapons.

Part of me only cares about this for the sake of "having options" even though in all likelihood I'll never actually use most of them. I mean, I had no use for TMGs until Hero class made them worthwhile, never found much use for Katanas or any melee weapon for that matter as I prefer to keep my distance as much as possible, focusing more on Rifles, Launchers, Rods, and Bows. When leveling up Hunter and Fighter I almost exclusively used Gunblade because, even though it was significantly less effective in raw power, it has ranged attacks and was at least nimble when I did have to get in close.

It's just that even if only a handful of weapons ever actually appeal to me I just don't like the feeling of being forcibly pigeon-holed into only using a handful of weapons purely because I don't have the materials to make more. Is it better (or even viable) to just get three Atlas EX weapons and then keep changing types whenever I change classes? Or will that just be way too costly?

@zaffy2005 If you are disassembling all the 13☆s you find, it isn't too costly, depending on how often you plan to change them; each change requires 999 Gold material and Saffard, and each disassembled 13☆ gives 36 of each (63 from a Great Success), so it basically costs 28 13☆s per switch.

@AndrlCh Ah, ok. Yea, that, for me, is insanely costly. I've had all of maybe 2 or 3 13-star drops ever, meaning nearly every 13-star I've ever actually used I had to buy from the shops for at least half a million meseta or more, so the thought of dismantling even 10-star gear makes me cringe. And right now pretty much all my meseta is being funneled into getting Dex minis for two of my characters so they can make full use of the Phantom Mag skill. How about the I think they're called Occuld series? Pretty much the "new Sigma" weapons. Aside from the situationally specific potentials are they any good?