Sigh, I was so looking forward to playing this. I did tons of searches and this looks like a long term problem people have had with gameguard, so there is probably not going to be a solution soon. I tried all the (non-insane) solutions like disabling my firewall/virus protection, and closing other programs but no dice. The other solutions involve things I'm not gonna do (like using hack programs etc).

I figure there are so many problems/errors right now this isn't gonna get touched, even if it is a fixable issue. I did get to play a bit . I enjoyed a ranger WAY more than a hunter that is for sure. I may at least try the other classes as well. For some reason I set my first forest mission to friends only but people still could join. Next time I'll make a password maybe that will keep people out (I wanna do the stuff the first time myself, I'll party later with friends.

Anyway at least I got it to downlood and launch finally, but now all the ships read as full so my friends won't be able to join them I think.