Game deleted itself for the 3rd time today

Was playing it fine and logged in and out to check a few screen resolutions and on the 4th time trying to access the game suddenly its deleted and all the files are gone. This is getting ridiculous and YOU CANT EVEN DELETE THE GAME TO FREE UP THE SPACE ON YOUR HDD

Happened to me aswell. Honestly this whole Microsoft Store download is dogshit. Why not make it simple and just release a standalone client.

Beware, the client is not deleted. It has simply been moved to a hidden folder in your program files. Those 60gb still exist on your computer, taking up space while being completely useless.

You have to show your hidden folders in 😄 Program files , It will show you a folder called "Windowsapps". In Windowsapps, there will be a folder(s) marked with some numbers followed by "Oxyna". That is where your full game client is, totally unusable but totally taking up all the space on your computer.

You'll have to change the ownership on your Windowsapps access to yourself, and you'll have to do the same to the Oxyna folders before you can delete them and remove the full game client from your computer.

I feel like there should be a way to get compensation from a company when they fuck up people's computers this hard.

@OddCrown Yes its what I'm advising other people to do as well. SADLY you'll still need to do a fresh install because F you thats why.

Oh well, just saw the folder in the WIndowsApps, trying to get ownership to delete it, another headache to what we already have. -I'll just return to the japanese version. Should take an example from - that's how you make an easy installation.