Windows 10 PC version with no in-game sound

Running PSO 2 on Windows 10. There is sound effects and BGM until I join the server. Once in the lobby or out in the field, there is no in-game sound effects nor BGM. Anyone having this issue? If so, a solution will be appreciated.

That makes 2 of us. Checked for the game, and the PSO is in the Volume Mixer - what else is weird is that once in game ALL audio is killed, so Spotify for example is still playing but no audio is coming through. When I check the mixer, it's registering sound from all devices ... just no output to my headset.

Well I just figured out something - based partly on - I have the realtek sound manager, issue is that Bluetooth doesn't go through that manager, so the game isn't smart enough to simply use the default device.

By switching to an AUX cable, got my sound back - it's stupid, but it is what it is...

Well this is what I did to resolve this issue. I downloaded and installed this After I installed, the sound was working just fine. Maybe the game is too old and not fully competible with current DirectX? Not sure. Also note that according from aforementioned website, that patch will not override the current DirectX version. Hope this helps.

Everyone keeps linking that stupid directx9 bullshit, the game installs directx9 which is why other people don't have sound issues. now where the hell are you supposed to actually put these files cause it hasn't made a damn difference.