How do I?

Hehe hi I'm way too new to this game, what do I do with the thrash gear? Can I sell it for some currency? Like in wow, to earn a few more coins? Ty

Yup u can sell them to the ship trade terminal ( located at the left side when looking at the pool ) or a shop NPC. Another use for them is feeding your mag but as u lvl higher and find better loot the low grade stuff wont really be good for it, so no need to stack up on trash.

Pretty much sell to NPCs, feed to mag, or, once the full game is open, list it in your personal shop for other players to purchase.

@Dead-Abraxas Most trash gear can be discarded. Others can be used to modify your weapons or units abilities. There is plenty of tutorial for that on youtube that was made for the Japanese version long time ago... There will be new ones for sure soon.. but you should watch a few videos to get the basics on what to do.

You will be able to make some and sell them, to make money or boost a weapon or unit to use it or sell it once you no longer need it. You can also keep the things you need in your inventory which is what I do, I create better or maxed ability and the stock pill them to use on another weapon or unit or to make better ones once you get to a higher level you will find better ones and them you'll know what too keep.

The most and best stuff drops from the EQ's or Advance quests or extremes or limited ones when you have items drop rarity multipliers on. You don't really need to keep anything you get to higher levels because there is not much dropping on the lower levels.

I recommend you keep the ones that have Soul abilities as they become useful to make powerful weapons that'll make your progress smoother.

If your trash has more than five or six abilities affixed to it, you probably want to check and see if any of them are worth selling to other players. 3 day shop passes are available in the FUN scratcher.