Can't join or invite my husband to party?

Hey friends. Just a heads up, It was because the Blocks were full that we were prevented from inviting each other. (Atleast we speculate) In order for this to work, I just had to access the xbox game bar and invite him to game -that- way. It worked but if it was TOO FULL than chances are more difficult to join party to be on same block. Hope this helps!

@Magia-Light This is a different problem than we were experiencing i think.

Still no solutions for this?

I have Same problem,I can't even go on an ongoing mission.

already sent a ticket but still no response from the company, a shame!

So I've been playing a bit since the game started a few days ago. I've been able to play with my friends just fine. We've done invites through the friends list and joining parties through the multiple ways via the quest options. My girlfriend started yesterday and she can party with them all fine as well. The issue lies in the fact me and her can't be in a party together, doesn't matter how it's started or who is leader. If she's in the party I get an error that I can't join at this time and vice versa. I'm assuming that it's because we are on the same network. Seems like it's the same issue other's are having in this thread.

Had a similar issue with a friend earlier, turns out for some reason Xbox Live was showing them as Offline. Check to make sure that Xbox Live isn't freaking out like it was for my friend