Share your Boss Congratulation photo(s)!

I always liked how there was a cute Congratulations Photo at the end so I thought it'd be cute to share our photos from it as it's the last emergency of the day (or well, first of Sunday depending on your timezone) and it'd also be fun to compare the ones from today and tomorrow thanks to the extension!

Here's mine:

My congratulations photo!

Also my significant other's (He hadn't planned for it just to be him and someone else, but the other person started it immediately upon getting in and then I guess too much time passed for more people to or nobody else ended up joining ^^; 😞

Congratulations photo with just two people

Does this count?

alt text

Ok serious picturealt text

One of the best days of my life, this was awesome 😽
Thanks Hyper 279, you´re going to be one of the best players on PSO2 EQT4E6nXkAAQHbP.jpg

Thanks for carrying us weaker individuals. 😛 alt text

From the one for today too (or well, yesterday): Congratulations for beating him again

Here is mine alt text


Wish I could have recorded stuff off the Xbox itself, but oh well! Least I managed the SH clear on the elder I managed to catch

I hooked up with some friends and we ran super hard. 2-10-2020_4-08-48_AM-ei1pp5nd.png