Game won't Launch - no error codes, just close itself


This is the third reinstall, same issues

Same exact problem here. There are more people with the same problem. I've been told by others that using an administrator account as the Microsoft account that downloads the game is a possible solution, but it didn't work for me. I've gone down a rabbit hole of permission changing and uninstalling and reinstalling that hasn't bore any fruit. I submitted a ticket, so hopefully support will be able to offer up an answer to our problem sooner or later.

I was able to resolve this issue Updated Window to latest version, restart and game guard loaded and updated

I tried a Windows update to the latest version then reinstalled the game again. After another hour wait to download and install everything, it gave me the same issue. I'm getting to the end of my rope here, been trying to fix this all day. Still haven't heard anything from support...

I'm up to date, and I just started getting this issue as well.

id do this honestly go settings>apps find pso2 in there click it go advance options repair wait til that is done freed up over 60 gig of the data on my pc same menu uninstall wait for steam version if it ever comes or confirmed 100% working version hopes and dreams are lost to me for now and if u need some comfort from a great youtuber go watch this made me feel better

I tried the windows update again and realized that it hadn't fully installed, just downloaded. I forced it to install, restarted my computer and it worked! Thank you, and I wish everyone luck in getting it to work. This took me 6 or 7 hours to get open.

@Leggacy1 what update? can u give the kb######## of the last update u just installed

Been having the same issue myself. I made sure Windows is up to date, tried pausing my antivrus, tried running it as an administrator, everything. Tried contacting support early today but they haven't gotten back to me. I've been trying to get it working since 8 AM and it's almost 7:30 now. This is almost as big of a flop of a launch as FO76.

@PhukJC89 im with u gave up after 6 hrs went out with friends came back and tryin something new no clue if it will work still waiting im almost 100% sure pointlessly waiting on the updater to let me try log again eta at least 2 more hrs