Periodic short game freezes

Randomly on the X box one x I have experienced some short freezing. It is nothing extreme or anything that makes the game unplayable, but it is there and happens. It tends to be short about a second and happens every few minutes or so. It does not seem that it is tied to anything that is occuring in the game.

Yeah, I've seen this on the Xbox One X, too. It is definitely slightly annoying.

Another thing a friend and I experienced is when we were both in a party, when one would log out while in the party, SEVERE FRAME DROPS OCCURRED.

its happening on my xbox one s and forces me to restart my game... but its a work in progress for a reason... its why its a closed beta test so we can report these issues

Yeah this one definitely needs to be addressed.

I am experiencing this as well. Keeps making me think my game is crashing. One of the times, my game did actually crash while in a loading screen. Not sure if that is related to this bug or not.

@Penndragon87 I'm glad im not the only one having this issue

Been happening with me also, Normally it's not too bad as it does unfreeze after sometime but there is times where if I'm facing the area where there's lots of players or player/other effects happening or A lot of enemy's I'll have some freezing or the game will just crash, Also seems like the Normal Xbox has a hard time running the Ruins Map with this issue, Also a issue with opening the Chatbox seems to lag/freeze the game a bit.

Running a Xbox one (Normal)

This also hits the original One model as well, it's rather random yet periodic and lasts for about two seconds. Good to know it's hitting the One X line too, so that'll be easier for them to reproduce and fix.

This happens to me when I open up the menus, not so much anywhere else.

The 1 second freezes happened to me mostly when there was a lot happening on screen.

Which sometimes messed up a fight because of that crucial block I wasn't able to do.

Well, it's a beta so hopefully these things are or will be fixed.

It was hitting me even in the lobby or when walking around my personal quarters. I'm sure they'll get it worked out, but the more information we can provide on triggers the easier it is for them.

I had a similar issue, intermittent freezes every minute or so when in quests or lobbies.