I can't uninstall PSO2, or even open it

Logged in @ 3:20 am to get into the UQ to get some dailies done. Wake up this morning to play some before work and it wont launch. Is this game REALLY a 50/50 chance to work after shutting down the computer? Comp update fixed it a while back but nope, the problem is back again. Why the #$@& am I still bothering with this?

@Recaldy Same reason the rest of us do, just love the mindless grind!

I would love to be able to try it out. After the game bricked my HDD on launch day, I can’t risk it until I know it is safe.

Been a month and no action in that direction does not bode well though...

@A_Kanashi I am encountering the same problem as you as of the moment. This is so badly executed that I cannot believe it's not fixed yet.

@Demon-Occ Uninstall the game, restart computer, install pso2, launch game but don't start playing close it then open tweaker and launch game from there. You should not get or see any problem after this until they update/hot fix something if so then repeat this madness again. This the only fix that works for me. Uninstall, restart computer then reinstall game must be done in this order if done without restarting you may have some files not being removed. Also i highly recommend Tweaker it's safe and easy to operate if you don't have it already.

Ran into this same problem after the recent Windows update. Can't uninstall it to even attempt a reinstallation and can't open it at all. Uninstall is just endlessly going but not doing anything.