Opinion about PC Launch

Lots of people are probably burned by this botched launch. My only hope is that they'll give the game another chance after the issues are resolved. Though, personally, I didn't have any problems outside of a slow start with downloads and the lobby stutter (which goes away once I'm in the cafe. Much less people coming and going there).

Also, it's amusing that they've added so many blocks to compensate for the lack of space per ship that it's actually kind of working. But, then again, why not just open the other ships? What's keeping them, I wonder.

@Ansei94 I honestly believe it has to do with UK/international edition. But that's just my opinion.

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They literally had a 6 hr graveyard shift pre-load window that kind of defeats the purpose of a pre-load, so everyone ended up rushing the servers at once.

They still have graveyard shift Urgent Quest for Eastern Time players.

I have everything setup correctly and have been trying to install the game on and off for 24hours and still the MS store refuses to even let me install, i tried other things to make sure and its only pso2 thats doing this

the tweaker tool we use to install the Japanese version as a better installation method than the default launcher for PSO2 the default launcher needs to be redesigned it's crap we turned a 12hour download from the Japanese version into a 3-hour download we could turn a 2hour download into a 45minute download if it had a better installation method

Not having a fresh server or the kindness to open one has lost this game a lot of players. And made a lot of people very bitter.

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I was able to install, update and play yesterday without a single issue.

However today, upon turning my PC on again, my install was corrupted and nothing works anymore, which is something that seems to be happening to a lot of people over at Reddit.

So those of you who brag about how you have no issues, i pray that you do not end up regretting that stance.

Yeah, for me yesterday when I installed it, it went with almost zero issues, today I try to launch the game, the EXE icon in Start Menu doesn't have the proper icon, I open MS Store and it tells me to reinstall it. I click Reisntall, nothing happens, I click Uninstall, nothing happens, so now I'm manually deleting everything and going to try once again.

I'm guessing it's going to work later today when I download everything, but if tomorrow I wake up and the install is corrupted once again, I'm giving up on this game. What's worse is that the game data files are hundreds of thousands of small files and Windows and storage units go crazy when they have to deal with millions of small files instead of a couple of big files.

That's a really flawed file system for PSO2.

And I do agree with what people are saying that the download procedure on PC is not good. I have to download the game, then, I have to use the in-game launcher, which looks really outdated and flimsy and I have to wait for it to download even more.

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Considering how many MMOs and other online games have become P2W, quality has dropped and as a result had shut down, I somehow feel that this being under Microsoft may actually keep it afloat, keep P2W away and also bad decisions that will cause people to leave.

Here I'm cautiously optimistic.

I did find the launcher within a launcher a bit stupid, also the nProtect "anticheat", but whatever, free is free, I'm not even from NA, but I'm glad I can play this.

nProtect is in Japanes Veresion too also in terms of payment they are following JP formula that is sucesstheere

What's successful in Asia isn't always successful in the west, only time will show what will happen.

Not really. Usually stuff in Japan or Korea is just as successful in North America or Europe (or even Brazil and Russia, despite those countries never getting localized versions of anything, they just play the NA version of MMO's.)

What Japan and Korea sometimes does is underestimate NA's willingness to drop money on a "free" game. NA tends to view "free" games as being "not worth paying for", and it takes some effort to convince players to spend money on it. So while 90% of the players of a freemium game might not spend a dime on it, they are resigned to second-class citizens if they don't spend as much money on the game as their friends do to keep up with them.

Nobody should spend money on a game that doesn't work.

My opinion is that Microsoft shouldn't have touched the file permissions and ownership in OUR machines.

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My opinion is that Microsoft shouldn't have touched the file permissions and ownership in OUR machines.


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I must be one of the lucky ones that didn't have any problems at all, since I went from no issues with downloading from MS Store as soon as it went live. No issues with the patcher updating itself. No issues with the patch even downloading from the patcher. No issue logging in with my Microsoft Account before servers opened. Having no issues logging in at around noon EDT today. The only issue is the slow lobby due to the servers all being full now. That can be solved with server tweaking or opening a new ship.

Same. I downloaded and installed it on my PC right when it went live yesterday and I set it up on my wife's rig late in the afternoon after she showed interest in the game.


i lost the count of how many eerrors happened to me, how SEGA was too lazy to not make tests to makee sure the game would be ready for launch on PC?

@meganinja202 This is on Microsoft as much as it's on Sega, everyone involved is equally responsible for this debacle.

@Shirokami07 Microsoft doesn't view a Windows 10 machine as yours.

A fresh Win10 install will be filled to the brim with metrics trackers (spyware) and a constant installing of bloatware (installing of random casual games from the Microsoft store) without the "owner's" permission.

I think they've fixed it now, but early on there were also a lot of issues with Windows updating whenever it felt like it, causing a lot of businesses to lose work, and people to be kicked off their machines in the middle of use.

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but most of problems are associateed with PSO2 launcher than MS Store itself

No it's not, at all. Almost every issue, if not ALL of them, come from the MS Store. Even the JP launcher was far easier and had little problems, and this is adding the Tweaker as well.