GameGuard Sucks!!

Please, change this goddamn anti hack software... Everyone is having issues just because of it.

It's keeping me from playing the game...

Cucktardedguard needs to be removed, cracked, spoofed or at least updated to work in 2020.

XTrap is worse as a third-party anti-cheat tool. Because if XTrap cannot stop the process that it thinks is cheating (or the game to prevent cheating) then XTrap instead decides to BSOD / Blue Screen of Death your entire computer.

@coldreactive Actually-intended-for-general-gaming (instead of prevening the program from running because the AC cucks itself over god damn GPU or sound card drivers) functional anticheats or just not having one other than any form of basic integrated hook block with well set up game that uses flags and floats instead of x-byte storage are better tho. Look at Warframe, any game using VAC, old non-trojan client of Warden etc.

This topic and any topics like this need more attention...

Maybe there's needs to be a petition mega thread to get SEGA to look in this general direction and considers an alternative to this broken crap, I constantly get crashed out for either using my Steam controller or my PC re-opening skype in the background and GG having a giant shitting fit and dying on me over it!