Stuttering in Lobby.

Stuttering in the main Lobby? Any fixes to this? I run fine when I'm in an instance though. PC.

Having this exact same issue... is there any fix?

Someone said its related to lag because the lobby is full. And every time it loads a character it causes stuttering. So I set it to load maximum characters to see if maybe it'd just cause one big stutter and stop but it doesn't. Then I tried to set it as low as possible and that was even worse.

GTX 1080 and i7-6800k with 64GB RAM... so unlikely its my PC considering I get 150+ frames everywhere else and even in lobby when characters arent loading. Also directly wired with a 400mbps internet connection.

This only happens in the lobby as well.

Also having this issue; Ryzen 2600 and a GTX1660Ti. I suspect it's because of the sheer amount of people on. From what I heard being discussed on the PSO World forums, the block capacity is estimated at about 150 users plus an additional 50 premium users. With 90 blocks per server, that equates to an average capacity of around 18,000 users per server. Three of these are active, so at this moment in time there are between 45,000 to 55,000 users playing on day one.

this is more players than usually play on Warthunder (daily population ~30,000 users), a far more recognizable lobby based game with international servers. I do hope that the community continues to grow, though.

The stuttering issue is weird. I never had any issues while playing PSO2 JP, even in full lobbies and according to Task Manager, my CPU and GPU are only at 50% usage right now while in a Lobby. Also, the short freezes affect the entire PC and every time it freezes, I see a huge spike in network traffic.

I'm having the same issue. I go from 60fps down to 20 in the main lobby with lots of stuttering when walking around. I'm running an RTX 2070...

I have the same issue. I am on Station 3 or w/e it's called. I have a Geforce 2080ti, AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, 16gb ram. Some games just perform badly on the PC, but I hope they can fix this for such a dated game.

This is certainly a network/streaming issue in the Lobby.

During the Tutorial and during any kind of Mission, it runs fine, only the Lobby runs like crap right now. Maybe the Servers are overrun and can't keep up.

I'm having the same issue. I'm highly confused as well. minimum graphics still completely unplayable stuttering.

my pc: Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q

shouldn't be an issue with my specs. can't seem to find any fix for it.

Same issue for me, try everything still won't help.

I did some testing - my game's performance in the lobby on the PC version is identically terrible whether on minimum or maximum graphics settings. The Xbox version's frame rate will drop a bit, but it's within a normal range, not nearly as bad as the PC version.

So whatever the problem is, it's only affecting the PC version.

Good to know, then it is something SEGA or Microsoft did while working on a Windows Store Version...let's hope they fix it asap.

Dropping the game to 30FPS really helped a lot. It's not perfect as it still falls to 20 sometimes but very little stuttering. At least this is much more playing in the lobby.

For the record, this is a problem with this version of the game. I lowered the graphics but that didn't fix it. Either we wait for them to address the problem or we hope someone finds a solution. Either way we might be waiting a while.

They also need to fix the issue with installation because right now this game has a 2 star rating on the Microsoft Store because of the BS we have to go through to install it. This is more Microsoft's fault but it is also Sega's fault for putting it there.

How do you get full screen view? Sorry if this is wrong thread.