Hey everyone.

I understand you must be bored due to quarantine. But how this reaction to something you were hopeful for is just terrible. Remember, it's not just the Users that are stuck in quarantine.

Developers, moderators are also in quarantine. This means they are probably not able to test as well due to network constrains as they are working from home. If you read the news, you'd know there were steps to help the bandwidth situation to everyone. It's why Netflix downgraded your quality during this time. This could affect testing greatly and possibly prevent cleaner tests to go through as they probably were blindsided from the quarantine as well.

I can understand you want to play, but this is starting to turn into attacks over it and is that really healthy? What if you were a developer and read the comments you posted? Would you feel great about your post?

Moderators are probably going to need therapy over reading some of the posts you guys are making.

Remember. We are all human. And we want to play. But remember that you are the same as the people you are currently attacking.