Pixelated graphics on Xbox S.

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Xbox One S, 4K tv, does not matter if Xbox resolution is set to 1080 or 4K. Video quality does not change. Ui, cutscenes, still pictures and text are crystal clear. In game sliders do not help as well. Needs to be addressed IMO. Not everyone wants to go buy an X For this game

Its only 4k on the xbox one X, the one S runs at 1080p max(i think)

After the Closed Beta Test, I am pretty sure that this will be addressed.

@AnonMarc S can upscale to 4K UHD. But yea, I have it on 1080 to rule out upscaling

@hAZE-1561 Ah was not aware of the S being able to upscale to 4k. Do the devs need to implement it to their game or is just a global setting the xbox applies ?

That is supposed to be a premium feature filter. It's in the graphics menu settings... not sure how you got it turned on!