@Radhulbh oph fucking shit i think i did this i must have clicked no I just trying that tweeker thing now but it's checking all my local files and taking forever the launcher works now and opens but I have no display 😞 what a cluster fuck this is


I try! Hit me up in game for some kudos!

@CrankySnufler mine had 300gbs something. i love this game but i cant have this toxic crap in my life. I already spent like $100s in this game but its better to forget it and move on. I came to have fun not feel miserable. This game its not stabe on pc and Microsoft is not gonna do a thing about it because the xbox is just working fine, so they probably have their steady source of income. This gonna keep happening some people will be playing fine and since its not everyone having the problem, they will just ignore it.

@Scionmike71 xbox will not carry this game the pc users will

Holly shit, I custom build my own rigs and trust me when I say, I have a killer rig.... BUT this game manages what no other game could...... This was rushed..... There is no way the client was tested for windows 10, no way in hell do you skip registry issues this big, for starters the app does not have a file integrity safety feature... meaning a single misplaced file will corrupt the whole launch setting..... and its a 70-90 GB pack....... what is worse.... the game fails to recognize its own files in its own folder.... meaning client does not even scan for its own files...... This tech... is about 20 years old........ a way to 100 % break your client , is to launch it, deny it launch permissions and restart or shut down your pc.... wuala instant dead client. And since its on the microsoft store... be prepared for the big BS of having to manually locate your files, give yourself permission to access YOUR FILES ( and allow yourself to see your own hidden folders) to then ALLOW yourself to delete 100's of GBS spent to try and fix this client every time it broke down and you re-downloaded the whole 90 GB PACK of assets.... That would eventually get corrupted again resetting this whole process..... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

@Hunter-5811 to be honest I had to factory reset my pc to get space back and have it up and running again now as in the game but will not turn off my pc or log out of the game now till they patch this and fix it scared it will fuck up my pc again. I Could not even system restore and my pc is all but 2 months old and had a max of 12 programmes on it when It fucked my pc

Game self deleted itself (entire pso2 folder). I reinstalled and now it won't even restart.... all permissions updated, ipv6 turned off, 4 Xbox services running, etc. frustrating.

@Ashikuro Right click on start menu and hit app settings , then click reset.

At the risk of sounding like an idiot... Is it possible that the issue would be circumvented by verifying my pc through Microsoft? Because I just went through hell after buying Minecraft Dungeons just now, and the store system either told me I had nothing connected to install. Or just outright disconnected on reset. Which if I remember correctly, is what causes the store to delete the launcher files.

This is the fifth time that I've had to go through this process now of finding out randomly that my installation has decided to destroy itself for no apparent reason. Previously I thought these issues were popping up as a result of reboots but today my computer has been on, was even playing earlier, with no restarts and upon trying to launch today I was met with nothing. Unable to delete the files as I don't have permission even though my user is the one listed as having the permissions, and I've gone through and previously set it up so that everything in the ModifiableWindowsApps as well as the MutableBackup folder had full permissions for everyone just to be safe, and that was not more than 16 hours ago with me having no issues at the time copying and renaming files for the lobby lag fix. Now I can't change permissions at all because my system fails to enumerate the objects in the container, whatever the heck that means.

I've spent more time troubleshooting this game since it came out than I have playing it and have lost control of my own computer as a result of Microsoft's bull. I'm really hoping someone can help me out here, because if I can't find a fix I can't keep trying to play this game.

Game won't stay adequate, requested for me to re-install... i figured out how to 'uninstall' instead, due to not being up to the download time of 3 hours again. plz fix?

Nice of the game to uninstall itself immediately after i purchase some AC. aaannnnd I'm just going to use Tweaker to install this instead of MicroSuck

My game got stuck loading the gateway ship for an infinite time, so I had to task manager the game to close it, this resulted in the C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\pso2_bin folder going corrupt.

Add or remove programs > Repair

Says app data will not be affected, but when it's finished, when you run the launcher, you need to wait for the patch to download again, takes as long as your internet takes to download it.

Hopefully it doesn't happen a lot, I see above a lot of people have had the issue multiple times, so sorry to hear that, having to download the game again once is painful enough.

ARKS? An update... just use PSO2 Tweaker. Seriously. This Win10 app shell is a isht-show.

so i installed my game i had the 106 bug and the 1813 bug aswell im outside of the US and i had just unistalled and reinstalled the game then i tried to open the game again after a couple days and it just doesn't work i have been trying to use all the tips i been seing here and nothing uninstalling reinstalling giving permission to the files reseting and repairing the game stayed there for hours and still wasn't finished i tried again still nothing tried desactivating windows defender and desactivating the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and still nothing does any one know something i could do besides this ?