Buddy is able to open launcher but when he presses play nothing happens, anyone else having the same problem?

He was able to press play and it starts to load and then just closes

Have the exact same issue.

They need to make sure they are using an Administrator account tied to a Microsoft Account, rather than a Local Account when they download the game from the Microsoft Store. If they did this, they will need to download the XBOX Console Companion App from the Microsoft Store and restart the PC afterwards. You should then get a log-in window to show up with the Xbox app confirming your account and allowing access to the game.

I'm also having the same issue. Tried to reinstall a few times with no results. I'm already using an administrator account, and already had the XBOX companion app installed, and I was already logged into it. I contacted support with a ticket, so hopefully they have a solution.

Same thing , have an account on the xbox app even played the game on Xbox itself. the game refuses to boot up.