Game Guard and Avast have rendered it unlaunchable

After restoring & adding exceptions to Avast for both pso2.exe and pso2launcher.exe, I'm dead in the water.

Clicking to launch the game does absolutely nothing. Clicking to repair the game does nothing. Clicking to uninstall the game does nothing. I cannot reinstall over the top because the windows store only gives me the play option.

Checking the C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\pso2_bin\ folder shows neither file exists any longer.

I cannot manually delete the folder either, it discovers all the files and then just sits at preparing to recycle 0% until finally producing a 0x80004005: Unspecified Error.

It's just an 60G brick on my hard drive.

I am also in the same boat. At the point of time IM thinking of just saying fuck it and not playing the game at all. I've spent all day trying different fixes and none work for me.

Hey guys, can you try the fix in the forum link below? I am trying to troubleshoot what is going on with this app. Disclaimer: Not involved with SEGA nor MS, but really frustrated so trying to collect info to accelerate them addressing this issue.

I have the same issue with my antivirus. It no longer has any launcher and I can't reinstall or uninstall it. All the data is now 68GB dead weight. I don't like downloading for like 6 hours and the thing is dead immediately.

@KoalaDevourer What antivirus and version of it are you using? The more detail you provide the faster they can fix these issues.