Microsoft Store Error 0x800700B7 (Only happens with PSO 2)

Hi ! I have this Error Code : 0x800700B7, but it only happens to Phantasy Star Online 2 on the Microsoft store.

I had this same error code approximately 4 month ago for EVERY app and games but it's something i fixed while doing steps Microsoft and some people suggested, but today nothing worked for PSO 2.

So i didn't do anything special before it happened, it's the first and only bug that i have, i couldn't use the launcher at all as you may guess, i hope all of this will be fixed, i was so desperate to play that i stay all day trying to fix my issue...


Things i updated today : 000d5298-5a20-432c-86a6-df390f80e247-image.png



I restarted the download of PSO 2 five times or more.

PS : I live in Martinique (Caribbean) so i'm pretty close to USA so i obviously have a better connection there, but i'm European thanks to French people.

Did you delete anything before getting that? That might be the cause of it

@Threule I didn't delete anything 😕