Extremely solow patching

So I made it to patching the game and it completed 1/2, but when it gets to 2/2 it is downloading at a snails pace, anyone know how to solve this? Its been patching for 45 minutes and is only at 11150/88075

Same issue.

sorry to hear that but glad its not just me

Been patching for 3 hours and 33 minutes, Still at 44060/93432. Sigh...

Same issue, having ADSL connexion might be part of the problem though

Been patching for 06:26:16 as of writing this. At 39455/93430 (2/2). It went from it saying I would be finished in less than an hour to saying it was going to take 3 hours, that was 3 hours ago, the time remaining has not changed since then, it's stuck at 03:32:51.


my guess is that the servers are getting severely hammered... all 3 servers are full and there's still tons of players downloading the game as we speak. nothing to do but wait at this point

So new problem I let it patch over night it finished, but now I can't launch it. I click on it and nothing happens, it also filled up my hard drive as my PC warned me I had little space remaining.

Think I'm gonna delete it all and wait till it's fixed or comes out on steam.