"The file cannot be accessed by the system."


Well, i tried opening the game many ways. Nothing happen. No launcher no game. Switching accounts doesn't work. Then i was just doing my business doing whatever on my PC and "The file cannot be accessed by the system" pop out of nowhere like 35 minutes later. It took that long to try and start my game or something..

Edit- GOOD NEWS ! i got the launcher to open, it only took this much errors to open it!!! pso2.jpg

Edit - it's re-downloading the game after the game's already downloaded and played. Awesome.

Having the same issue here after multiple installs....have to go in, each time, to delete a hidden windowsapp file called Mutable Backup thats 80-90GBs taht has all the game files in it

Played the game for most the day. Now I'm getting this crap too. I switched to laptop so I dont have to constantly unplug and replug in my xbox when moving from truck to motel to truck. I'm sure having to go through some trashy 3rd party launcher is the problem. Steam has this same junk. Sega needs to host their own Launcher like any other respectable game. Tera, Warcraft, Blade and Soul, Scralet Blade, and many others who don't go through worthless 3rd parties like app stores and steam never have problems like these...

I gave up and played World of Warcraft the rest of the day.

I have been playing fine since launch with no issues and now I am also having this issue.

My issue fixed when the launcher (see second pic) redownloaded everything, i can launch fine after that no problems, and no issues

I played with no issues yesterday, and then out of nowhere the game wouldn't launch from MS Store, start menu or desktop. Absolutely no reaction to anything, wasn't running in the background either, restarts don't do anything. The executable was infuriatingly hard to get hold of and all I got from that was the error in the opening post.

Thrilled to see how this turns out

@NBirkie Thank you for this! Deleting the mutablebackup worked for me. My folder hit 230gb 👀 I wonder if this game just leaks memory and once your storage gets low enough it doesnt launch. I had a similar issue before and it worked after clearing disk space a4dc6d8f-c41b-4a63-8772-84f782e22519-image.png