Where is everyone getting all these nemesis and slave 13 stars?

What drops them? Thanks.


Hoping to get a 13 star Harmonizer

I'm going to assume Ultimate Quests, which were just added in today, and should unlock once you hit lv70.


Yea I’m thinking that too.

Just was hoping to know if trash can drop or if I should be doing boss runs

There from the drops in Ultimate Quests, Lv70+

@Jinxpalm If the drop table is the same or similar to JPN, then they should be area drops, so any enemy has a chance to drop them.

@AndrlCh Some drop tables are different on NA, but from my understanding the Ultimate Quests drops are the same.

Someone in my group just found a Nemesis Lance from the forest ultimate quest. So I can confirm at least that drops from there. There was a ton of stuff on the screen but it looked like it was a boss drop.