These 4K graphics on Xbox S are sick!

The game prob has dynamic resolution to keep the frame rate stable.

Before the servers went back up I was looking at the settings on the title there was a setting for the screen size and it was on the standard definition and it wouldn't let me change the screen size to "Big - 4K." They will probably add the 4K support either in the Open Beta Test or the Launch.

The S does not support True 4K, i was able to change the setting on my X. Game never looked that bad for me lol.

Yea, S does not support native 4K, however it does support upscaled 4K. I thought maybe that’s why the quality was bad to begin with but tried 1080 as well. Same poor gameplay quality.

This was an extreme case where many people were around causing it to distort the quality more so than normal. but it never looked much better. Cinematics, Still frames, Ui Elements were very clean. The gameplay video quality however was garbage.