Like many users, from what I've witnessed so far, I had issues with downloading the game. After about 4-5 hours of patching I was excited to finally start playing the game. However, my antivirus blocked the GameGuard preventing PSO2 from launching. After adding an exception for the entire root directory of the game in my AV, I started the launcher again and for some reason it started patching the game from the bottom up, even though I already had a fully downloaded 68GB folder containing the game. After sending a customer support ticket describing my problem I spent the next 6 hours troubleshooting and still couldn't reach a solution. Just as I was about to give up hope, I got an email with a great big "f*ck you" from the PSO2 customer support saying that support is only available to North America and Canada (I'm in Europe), even though in a previous tweet the developers said the game is not region locked. What I'm wondering now is how is my issue even remotely related to the region I'm in if the game isn't region locked and how can their customer support service be so lousily implemented.