Cannot Open Game

I downloaded PSO2 today and it was working fine when I first opened the game. However, after I closed the game and attempted to reopen it so I could fix the resolution, the launcher would not open back up. I checked in my WindowsApps folder and it looks like the game deleted itself and I'm not sure how to give myself the permissions to do anything with the deleted files, I tried to no avail. I also tried to repair the files using Windows settings, and open the game from the Windows store(which told me it was still installed)

Did you check here:

C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\pso2_bin

@Ragnawind There's nothing in that folder for me to run, just strings of code and .dll files. I can't copy and paste the deleted files in /WindowsApps because I don't have permission and I'm not sure how to give myself it, because the owner is the "SYSTEM" and it doesn't let me put in my account as the owner.