Game Keeps Redownloading Patch

I've been trying to launch the game for over 5 hours now, every time it finishes download the patch, I click start game, it launches game guard and then shuts down. When I relauch the patcher from MS Store, it starts downloading the same patch all over again. It's done with 3 times now, does anybody have a fix?

I'm having this same problem.

I know a PSO2 discord is helping people with it now so check discord. They do tell you do delete the game ASAP. It's not copying files, its duplicating them so its taking up more and more of your hard drive each time you do it.

@Griffca Do you happen to have the discord info? I still need help.

I managed to fix the issue by using changing the folder permissions and assigning my account as the owner.

@Lorient1755 Which folder exactly?

@ÐÇ-KAMAGØN Program FIles/ModifiableWindowsApps

That's where my game installed to. I had to go to the security tab under the folder properties and change ownership to my computer profile.

I am having the same issue where the game goes through "Operation Progress" every time I boot it up. Anyone know what the issue is?

See my thread "having problems with Microsoft Store and Xbox Live" for possible solutions.