Potential Fix for people who can't get past the launcher

Ok to anybody in this thread that has the same problems as i have I HAVE GOT PSO2 WORKING

All credit to this post:

@Aurack said in PC Download:

Hello guys I'll try to explain everything since I'm Spanish and my English is not that good. We changed some stuff from the folder pso2_bin ( located in C Files/ ModifiableWindowsApps .

First of all, I re-installed the entire game, do it to avoid more problems.

  • Install the game ( 11 GB ) and open the patcher, let it patch meanwhile.
  • Right click on pso2_bin folder > Properties > Security > Advanced options ( remember that I have it in Spanish, this is main translation )
  • Here you have to change the owner ( you'll see Trusted blablabla ) click on Change and the gap above put the e-mail that you're using in your microsoft account/store. Then accept the change of owner.
  • After that you'll have to give all permisions to the next ones IN ORDER: ( nº2 with the square icon in the middle of trustedInstaller and System ) and nº7 ( under RESTRINGED one ).

Accept everything and check after you saved that is everything said before. Then , let it patch. After patch maybe it'll appear an error, don't worry. Click on " Check File " and wait some time. If u did it correctly, it'll say " Version is up to date ". After that just click on " Play ", it'll patch again.

After that you're done! Hope everyone can go in, feel free to DM me in this forum. I can help with this but not with other problems!

If you're having trouble following it, try this image.

alt text

Make your main account the owner of the folder, then take the second entry and make permissions Full Control, then do the same with the entry under RESTRICTED

I've loaded it three times now, each time with success and i've gotten to ship selection each time. I absoultley take no credit for this fixing, this is all the doing of @Aurack, praise be unto them 👍 Hope this works for you too!

hope it helps. My Problem is it to download the launcher in the first place xD