Female Newmen eye color glitch?

Hello, I recently made a female newsmen and when I got into the game my eye colors do not match what they were in the creation. Originally they were suppose to be a light blue but they are now a grey. I even tested them in different environments and they were the same in creation but in the real world they are oddly not the same and was wondering if this was some sort sort of glitch. Only have 100 minutes left for the remodel to be free and would hate to have to pay to change my appearance unless this is a known bug

@LovedChunk122 The salon just has different lighting that makes colors look slightly different; near the bottom of the options in the salon, there should be an option to change your "location" to see the lighting in different areas. That said, Eye Color is one of the things that can be changed for free even after the remodel grace period is over.

@AndrlCh I believe it's a glitch now, I changed the eye color to several different colors and while I'm in game outside creation it's that same weird grey color