Greetings and Good Morning ARKS!

Scylla here, running that homely warm Uncle Grandpa RV.

Recruiting for your fun and entertainment.

---Jazz Hand Bullet Points, sorry no Power Point presentation Available---

  1. I am on daily at odd times, looking for anyone to have fun.

  2. I don't care what time you log in, I don't kick for inactivity. Just ask that you be alive and active when you can. Relax and have fun as this is just a game, not life-breaking moments.

  3. Very easy to get along with and tend to 99.8% agree on whatever the Alliance wants to do.

  4. What more can I say and ask besides, "Ask not what you can do for your Alliance, but what you can do for your Uncle Grandpa Alliance!"

  5. I just want to play, what say you noble citizens?


No Cartoon Network isn't secretly running a PSO2 campaign, while neglecting Teen Titans Go!