PSO 2 Downloading Blues ....

Hello all, i cannot post any topics in the support section, does anyone know how to pause downloads I am living in a Area with people working at home, my internet drops and reconnect frequently then have to start all over downloading the update, and it's been such a real pain, i the customer with my ISP, my allowance stands at 1TB limit and try to use it the way i use money, with that being said I like to save my data and watch every GB move and deduct. It's so frustrating, hopefully i am not confusing you all, that's all i can think of at the moment. Not going off topic but, i am always heavily medicated , and i have forgetfulness, lightheaded, i have a childhood illness with my blood pile up causing so much pain. Anyways just thought i clear all that up.

Ended up posting in off topic, and cannot change, to other forum dang man!! anyone know how i can place this topic in a more suitable topic relation?

Took me somewhere around 7 hours (of a quoted 2 hours), start to finish, from the time I started downloading the PC version until I could first log in. This sounds pretty normal. Secondly, I waited almost 16 hours for the Xbox version to download and install. Started it at 8pm on the 17tth and didn't play till almost 12 AM the next day.

Aside from the internet dropping, which could be a mix of bad connection, possible client side issues, and overloaded servers, this seems like it was the average.

@V0N-VILLAIN said in PSO 2 Downloading Blues ....:

I like to save my data and watch every GB move and deduct.

I don't see what this has to do with your PC being slow, unless its you bragging about how fast your internet connection is. (Why would you be complaining about speed, then?)

Not going off topic but

Any time you have to justify a statement like this, you're off topic. Personal disorders are nobody's buisness but your own. You don't need to give people a reason to see you at anything other than face value.