Black screen

Hello there, i'm just downloaded the PSO2 on PC version, when i'm try to launch it, is have sound and everything but i got black screen and don't know how to fix it.

same here .. i get black upon starting, just sound and it loads up to main screen with just sound no options visibble

I need any information on this topic aswell

I was able to play yesterday but somehow today I just get a black screen when I open the game and if I wait long enough it does load something but I am unable to play, can someone help?

Same issue. I can select a character, then when tries to go into game I get a portal animation for a couple of seconds, then it's just a black screen with a sound symbol (and sounds) and two little arrows in the top right. Alt+F4 brings up a quit menu.

I've tried running it with both minimum graphics settings and max, but it doesn't make a difference.

Yes this is happening to me to, but the issue starts right at the initial Press Enter to Start screen which is very concerning to me

Mine was fine until I installed and ran the PSO2 Tweaker. UGH! I should have left it alone! Now I have the same black screen problem.

Also getting a black screen and surprise surprise there's no answers. This whole launch is an utter s***show, the port is a lazy hackjob and you should be embarrassed.

I had the same problem twice the first time i downloaded the game again and the second time was triggered the same way the first by saying "no" to the launcher... it forbidded almost 5,000 files... this time I downloaded the Tweaker and before you install it make sure you have the Developer Mode active and to access it, head to Settings > Update & Security > For Developers and select “Developer mode”. after that installs, install the tweaker and in the options menu in the tweaker menu select "Tweaker Settings" and then "Select PSO2 Folder" and select the folder location at "C:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps\pso2_bin" or where you decided to install it, then save and select "Troubleshooting" and in the upper left says file check and select the new method option then wait until it check the files and downloads the info that it was missing... and when done hit "Start PSO 2" or run the launcher and be sure to hit yes even if you clicked by error and then play or close after the launcher executes... (this is how it worked for me, I hope it works for you all)

PSO 2 Tweaker: (select the Tweaker Setup) PSO 2 Tweaker Install guide: &

Also have the black screen issue now, this again ~ was a notorious issue back on the JP server during the earlier days of the Arks Layer tweaker, often usually caused by an update that didn't install correctly or corrupted files. However, this shouldn't be happening on the US version....but this proves that its become a problem.

i have gotten green screen on my monitor, wtf

So far, all fixes haven't worked and this needs to be elevated to a more serious issue. If I remember correctly, this issue was related to the main launcher files, and if I remember correctly that making a backup of all the .exe files was essential.

Following the tweaker install instructions, its fixed the black screen issue.

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@DarkF0rce Windows already told you the problem is your driver having issues, that is related to your GPU but is hard to tell what is happening without looking into your machine