Disconnected due to an Authentication Error (no. 787)

I was initially able to log in no issue but now every time I try to connect I get this error

I'm having this same issue, I think I know what broke it but nothing is fixing it even reinstalling.

My Xbox profile had a generic random name when I first logged on, I closed the game and updated my tag to my usual one to try to get friends added and have been getting the authentication error since.

I'm having the same problem, but was never able to get into the game. I had a ton of problems with the windows store not allowing me to download the game, THEN once installed, the launcher kept giving me errors when updating. Now that I can get the game to load, I keep getting authentication problems.

I've logged out and back into my Xbox account. I don't have an Xbox console, So I only have this one account. Still nothing. Tried rebooting as well.

ANYONE have any idea how to fix this?