Can't fully uninstall the game

Hello I've tried out the game for a few hours and didn't enjoy the game so I decided to uninstall but for some reason I can't uninstall all files of the game off my SSD! Can anyone help me with this issue the file that won't uninstall is called WindowsApps!

I second the above statement. Where is the uninstall direction/documentation?

The WindowsApp folder only contains the 11GB downloaded from MS Store. It also has a 1KB shortcut to the actual game in ModifiableWindowsApps\pso2_bin. That latter folder contains around 60GB when fully updated.

It’s a fairly common issue that the game will not uninstall. Has to do with permissions and such. I had it on my office computer and had to call my IT guy to come over today to clean up yesterday’s mess. Took him four hours to pick it all clean.

Good luck is all I can say.

What you might actually have to do is give yourself administrative rights over the "SYSTEM" administrator which also has full access. For some reason that folder specifically that has all of the game data (like 60GB) has a weird permissions setup. You have to make yourself the owner and take away some of the rights from the SYSTEM and any possible "unknown users" you may have in there. Preferably deny them everything except "read". Once you do that and you have full access, you should be able to delete the folder normally. It is not a long process, just a pretty weird one.