Now game won't launch after logging out

I had this same problem and was able to get the launcher to run by repairing system files using sfc, a command-line tool that lets Windows check for errors and sometimes fix them. I hope that helps.

Although I did have to redownload all the game data, so I wasn't able to play until that finished.

@BurntDragon2685 I feel that might be the only way until there is a good fix.

ARKS? An update... just use PSO2 Tweaker. Seriously. This Win10 app shell is a isht-show.

At this rate, I'm half tempted to go back to playing the JP version either on my PS4 or PC client. As much as I can appreciate MS finally getting Sega to bring it over, this is a really unpleasant experience.

I'm just in a bind, because my other friends can't read/speak Japanese, so they would be unable to play with me. Although with these present issues, it's hard to say that they can play with me now, anyway.

Well... I just had a MS update overnight, even tho I specifically told Windows to not do this. Aaaand it f-ed up my PSO2.

After update overnight, PSO2 won't launch. At all. No error whatsoever, just won't launch.

I've tried Repairing the PSO2 app but it does nothing. Neither does Reset. I've tried restarting my PC. I've tried restarting MS Store with the wsreset.exe thing.

I've tried taking Ownership of the folder in WindowsApps to see if anything is wrong with PSO2 and I discovered that the PSO2 on MS Store is split in three pieces. That would be rather upsetting on its own. The app folder itself, Oxyna can't be changed at all, even with editing registry.

There are two other Oxyna folders in the Mutable folders, the one that can't be accessed even with Take Ownership is what I assume NA version... lite? Translation.

100B7A24.oxyna_1.0.7.0_x64__wyfsmff9ynw7j is what I'm talking about. That seems to be the NA-lite.

Meanwhile 00B7A24.oxyna_1.0.7.0_x64__wyfsmff9ynw7jee3fc0b8-e17c-4b99-b9a6-1d9d8a4eed55 seems to be where the game actually is. Launcher here connects to JP servers, I can tell by the news slideshow which shows content that is right now relevant in the JP version, while NA lags behind as usual.

Considering those two folders, I can take a good guess that the game is actually in the 2nd folder, as it has over 50GB, while the 1st folder has only 10GB.

But either way, this seems to be a total Windows Store meltdown. There doesn't seem to be a fix. And I just wanted to play some PSO2 before dentist... Sigh.

EDIT: After two hours of cycling trying to Repair, Restart, annoying MS support on Twitter, and trying every other way mentioned online, I just got my first error message during fourth? Repair. That I don't have high enough Administrator rights. To note, I'm the only user and administrator of the PC.

EDIT2: Screw it. Just gonna do it through Tweaker.

I got it to work by repeatedly tapping the A button. I'm on console but it's possible it could be dropping the button input. So tapping again during transition might punch it through

Did basically the exact same actions as gene did and settled on the same outcome to just go and use tweaker, but now I'm in another problem as well: I can't uninstall the game and my PC is almost out of disk space, so I can't really use tweaker because I don't have enough to support doing it. Is there any way to actually uninstall it completely, because everything I try does literally nothing. Clicking on uninstall from anywhere, whether it be in the store or in the settings doesn't even act as if I clicked it.

Then sometimes the windows store acts as if it's uninstalled, saying "Install" instead of "Play," but then changes back to saying "Play" instantly after clicking it, with a loading bar that says "11GB of 11GB installed"