Missing items from Sonic Pack inc premium 30 day membership

I first did not buy the sonic pack when i installed. I exited the game. Then went to purchase it. I uninstalled just to be safe. I reinstalled. Got on my character and followed instructions to claim items. I only seem to have gotten like half the stuff?? And the bigger issue, not being given the premium membership like I was supposed to. I also will add I did not recieve an item to consume to give me premium either. I checked inventory AND storage.

What the hell did I just pay 50 dollars for? Just these xp potions?

Anyone else with this problem and getting ignored like me, here is a link to submit for a refund like I am going to do https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/supportrequestform/ce13499f-dd3b-8dfc-cc0a-4ab23f66218c