PS4 Controller Configuration for NA?

So I've been trying to get my PS4 Controller to work with PSO2 but it's not recognizing anything. I watched a vid on how someone can get the controller setup guide in game to work, but I can't seem to do the same on the NA. Could someone please tell me how to get to the controller calibration guide in game for it to pick up my controller?

Windows already finds the controller itself and it works so it's the game that needs to have it set up. Thanks!

First thing's first - is it a first or second gen controller? If it's second gen it SHOULD just work out the box. If not try using a PS4 Controller mapper like DS4Windows.

You can tell if you have a second gen controller by being able to see the blue light of the lightbar through the front of the touchpad.

I believe only "Xbox" controllers work with the game, so for a DS4 you have to emulate it into a Xbox controller using something like:

@LilPika I have both and both of them don't seem to be recognizing the game, or, rather the game is not recognizing THEM. I HATE using Third party apps like DS4Windows cause it always causes problems.

But I've seen videos on YouTube, like this one specifically... Where he brings up the controller calibration within the game, but it's simply NOT here on the NA version.

@Squall It's likely to do with licencing disagreements about using the buttons\prompts (Every single one is trademarked and requires Sony's permission to use) I imagine Sony Japan were cool with it and Sony US were not?

No idea tbh. Blows either way.

@Squall What i did is get Ds4, then once the driver is installed on my controller i used a program once called SCP user that goes with DS4 which does bring up calibration then it just worked for PSo2, you just have to run DS4 after and don't bother about SCP user at all, sadly i don't remember where i found the GitHub link for it.

Edit: i just found that link, pretty sure the step are very similar to what i did :

@Squall Prolly because PSO2 used to cross play with the PS Vita in JP. And PSO2 NA is licensed to Microsoft.

They actually have symbols from Playstation? x square triangle and circle when you set up a controller.

I am so sorry I misunderstood at first

By emulating a Xbox 360 controller, many more games are accessible. DS4 emulates 360 controller not xbox one

This matters apparently because 360 controllers act weird on pso2